Wednesday 20 January 2010

New York Street Style...In The Trench

I took this guy's photo after passing him while he was lining up at a street vendor/lunch truck in Soho to buy his lunch. I rather liked his casual, slung-together look and especially his suede shoes. And because his lunch looked very tasty, I went back to the street vendor about an hour later and got one of the beef/beans/rice wraps for myself (flinging aside all thoughts of food poisoning, of course!). And it was nice although I think they had just cleaned the grill so there was an ever so slight whiff of detergent which accompanied most bites!


  1. Wow he's really handsome and stylish!!!
    Love your blog, your pictures are really inspiring!! I'm adding you to my blogroll so'll be coming back soon!

  2. lovelyyyy!!!!! ;)

  3. Liliana- he is really handsome, huh?! I like his thick black glasses as well as his trench :)
    Thanks anon!