Wednesday 24 February 2010

Junior Street Style....London Fashion Week A/W 2010

This is the super sweet Eleanor, the niece of James Long, menswear designer whose collection showed today. Eleanor wasn't so keen on having her photo taken (she had been promised an ice-cream and was much more interested in that prospect than my camera!) but I managed to get a couple of sneaky shots while her dad played with her. Love her little outfit: apparently James had made an outfit especially for today but she refused to put it on because it wasn't pink! Bless :)
She was laughing so much in the second shot- her dad was throwing her lamb up in the air and she was catching it resulting in fits of giggles (from Eleanor and the fashionable crowd!).


  1. I know you knew, just knew that by posting a pic of a darling littlie that you'd get me to say a few words about it. can i just say now that i wish i had those curls bouncing atop of my own head right this very minute?! what a doll (that seems like such an understatement, no?) ;)

  2. Love love LOVE the second photo - what a cool kid, and what a great shot! I always enjoy your beautiful photos.. keep it up!

  3. The ruffles, puffed bell sleeves, ringlets...adorable!

  4. BB- BB I know I can always count on you- and I mean that seriously. I am just about to head over to your blog to tell you this- thanks so much for keeping on visiting my blog and commenting. I really, really appreciate it. You are so lovely and thoughtful and funny :)
    Eleanor is gorgeous isn't she but the photos I didn't take (ie the ones in my head!) were even better. I never take a children's shot without asking a parent first so while I REALLY wanted to take her photo while she was running and jumping along with her "lamby" (and not aware of the camera), I couldn't. I would love to photograph her again- she had loads of personality!

    Anon- Thank you so much! She was such a sweetie :) Sometimes kids are easier to photograph than adults!

    Celia- and did you see her little necklace and bracelet? Adorable!