Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....London Fashion Week A/W 2010

Oh my Lord! Whenever I photograph David Gandy (best known for his Dolce&Gabbana campaigns) I am sure my camera involuntarily increases shutter speed by, oh, about a trillion! He is ridiculously good-looking and super polite as well. And note his jacket? A nod to Burberry perhaps?....

Talking of Burberry, is it possible to want one of almost everything in the collection?Yes, Yes, YES!
I photographed David outside the Antonio Berardi show.


  1. Oh my, how did you not drop the camera in the face of that cheeky smile? My hands would have been shaking!

    Love your photos, Vanessa. I have to admire your work ethic, you looked freakin' freezing the day I saw you outside Somerset House after the Jaeger show!

    I'm glued to your blog, waiting for more updates!

  2. He puts Zoolander's "Blue Steel" to utter shame with that smile of his ...

  3. O la this photo and WOW to the entire blog!!! I just found it and went through the entire thing from now to the beginning. Your work is fantastic... :)


  4. ehem..... looks like he's the kind of guy who gets a woman into bed with just one smile!! gosh...

  5. Whoa. Helloooooo handsome! Love the layered jackets.

  6. love what he's wearing. the layering is just amazing

  7. BB- Correct!!!!

    Marta from With Love: oh my goodness, you went through the whole thing from beginning to end??!!! Holy crap you definitely deserve a medal (or perhaps a giant Mulberry bag would be a more fitting reward! Wish I had one to give you :))

    mimi sioux: and then some!!!

    Celia and Chit: layering and, um, did you notice just how well his jeans fit? Phoaaaaarrrrrrrr

    Richie Designs: I am sure if photos could talk back he would be saying helllllllloooooo right back at you ;)

  8. Ohh. Ouch. I completely understand why that shutter fluttered...!

  9. To quote David:

    "My pride and joy is probably my leather Dolce & Gabbana jacket. I got it off a friend and he got it in New York from a sample sale. It's triple-layered with a fur hood and very, very high fur neckline. I would never buy that normally but that's my just, in the winter, it goes with everything. You can pull it off with a pair of trousers, you can pull it off with jeans. And it until Burberry came up with a similar thing, I'd never seen one like it."