Friday 19 March 2010

Paris Street Style....Student Chic

Another one of the girls I met during my time in Paris who inspired me. I went to a meeting during the week and left my trusty notebook there so I can't tell you her name until I go back to collect it but fingers crossed she will email me :) Anyway, she is a student studying at one of the top fashion colleges in Paris and I met her when she was taking a break in the Tuileries (when I took these photos). In (another) odd twist, I was catching the Metro a couple of days later and we bumped into each other again!

Her jacket is Zara and her little white jazz shoes are Surface to Air (but she said they hurt a bit so make sure you do a few laps of the shoe department before buying. No one will think you are weird, honest!)


  1. Yay! First one here!
    Anyway - this is an amazing outfit (and actually affordable to boot)
    Sniffles and tragedy that we don't have Zara here :(

    I'm really loving everything about it. I totally heart the jacket and the fact that it looks like the wanton lovechild of a Chanel tweed jacket and a biker jacket. The fact that she keeps everything else pretty masculine and simple (the well fitted jeans, the blue shirt and the STUNNING brogues...god I love brogues) makes it stand out even more.

    Excuse the verbosity...I happen to be a (really bad) law student with an even worse case of verbal diarrhoea...speaking of totally have to tell me what turned you from the legal eagle path ;)

    It's inspirational as usual and I just love your blog more and more (and my fingers AND toes are crossed for you to come SOON SOON SOON)



  2. I love her style, it is so effortlessly pretty!

  3. she looks beautiful. and it's a bummer those shoes are uncomfortable. they complete the outfit.

  4. This is now my favorite street style blog. Thanks for doing beautiful and inspiring pictures.

    Thats a pretty girl and a great ensamble

  5. I have just got to know about your blog from Photodiarist.
    Now I'm addicted!!
    Great work!

  6. Pink tweed jacket over a blue button-down shirt's definitely a refreshing combination. Love her lightly tussled hair as well, very pretty. Where's the shirt from?

  7. Beautiful shots, Vanessa. I love her simple style & beauty but especially, that twinkle and intelligence in her eyes. You can tell she's a girl's girl! I hope she will get in touch.

    Speaking of which, I gather you & Jen spoke: please do get in touch sometime, either me or her: we've got to get you to the Covent Garden Cupcake Convention sometime very soon!

    Have a lovely weekend. xox

  8. @KohCo- hee hee :) Unfortunately there is no prize I can offer you for being first! But it is very sweet of you Bec! Hopefully Zara will come to Aus soon....and maybe Topshop as well. I love Zara for basics, as well as Cos (don't know whether you have heard of it?).
    So glad you liked what she was wearing- I can't wait until I collect my notepad so I can tell you her name.I feel so bad about it.
    And Bec- another law student!! I think there might be quite a lot of us out there who absolutely adore fashion and style but went down the legal route, and some of us have emerged out the other side!

    @Lola- glad you like her style, lola :)

    @Pennerad- I know how she feels: I have a closet full of shoes that are only comfortable for, oh, about 30 mins! Problem is that they feel comfortable in the shop and it is only when I have walked in them outside that it becomes apparent they are going to cause me major grief. grrrrr.

    @Yoka- thank you so much yoka!

    @Nyanzi report- Ooo the Photodiarists photos are wonderful! Glad you came on over :))

    it_her_now- Mmmm not sure about the shirt- hopefully she will email and we can find out for you. I am pretty sure it was high street but I can't remember where from....

    Polka Dot- Yes, the lovely Jen told me you guys were getting together for yummy cuppies! I will have to come along next time. I will definitely email you as soon as things have calmed down a bit- hopefully at the end of this week!

  9. these are the photographs that I prefer, you summers has the elegant time and naturally beautiful, are you a model?