Monday, 29 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....London Fashion Week A/W 2010

Despite the fact that I am desperate for sunny weather conditions for something I am shooting on Thursday, I am secretly a little bit happy that it is still so cold: I have SO many more winter photos to post! In a few more weeks it will seem faintly ridiculous to be posting photos of winter coats. I must, MUST get them all up ASAP.

Anyway, I thought her little duffle-cape was super cute :)


  1. super cute indeed! And so are the striped tights - thinking might have to swap my spotty ones I've been living in for a pair of these babies. And I'm just getting into Autumn, so your blog has been perfect for lots of lovely winter inspiration :)

  2. Haha I'm a little bit envious that it's cold over there. It is still SO ridiculously hot over here. Anyway I am totally in love with her cape. It reminds me of something I really wanted from Lover a couple of seasons ago (but was typically strapped for per usual...) Love the boots as well!

    Sadly enough - commenting on your blog has been my first task of the day but it's definitely infinitely more awesome than law readings...

    (1) I'm sure if I met you I would keel over and die from the awesomeness (that you are completely self-effacing about this awesomeness only adds to it)

    (2) I tried to go manual at some stage in the law school (manual being pen and failed miserably because I ended up doodling shoes) and

    (3) In one of those confessions that makes me love you more and more...I snuck many a Jalouse and Vogue into Constitutional Law classes

    Wow...I am seriously polluting your blog wall...
    I should get a room :P


  3. @that girl lucy: They kind of remind me of an updated version of those Chanel-ish two-tone (black and white) ones that were around last year, year before. You would look great in these Lucy!

    @KohCo- OMG, I LOVE LOVER!!!! Every piece they produce is just so incredibly beautiful. But yes, small matter of budget :((
    Re being hot- that was what I was saying to @thatgirllucy- isn't it still sweltering over there?! I watched the Grand Prix on Sunday morning (London time) and even though it was raining it still looked really HOT. Entirely weird to see so many short-sleeved shirts on the men- it just doesn't get hot enough over here for them (although I am informed that this summer WILL be hot :))

    Hee hee, you are too funny!- yeah, I used to doodle drawings of outfits as well...oh dear, I am not setting a very good example am I!

    @Robyn- I wonder where they are from?

  4. Oh lovely work indeed thrilled by your photos, they truly are much more than just street style pics, you capture such emotion through fashion and faces. It is inspirational and such a treat. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. very awesome picture but shoes looking dirty that's not good

  6. oh i want her cape so badly!