Monday, 29 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

The divine Ms Charlotte Dellal positively purrrrrrrrrrrring in her big-cat print coat. Oh and there is the small matter of her insanely gorgeous heels which are, of course, from her own brand: Charlotte Olympia. Do you see her earrings? They are tiny little spider webs just like she has on the bottom of all her shoes. Genius!
Embarrassing moment: When I spied her coming out of the show I got so (overly) excited that I squealed out "Oooooo Charlotte, you make THE BEST SHOES!!" in a really loud voice. Um, which given that we were in Paris, and given that I have a very strong Australian accent, was probably very noticeable. Oh well. I really do think she makes amazing shoes :)

p.s. Saw a really cute leopard trench from Australian label, Wheels&Doll Baby, in the January issue of Australian Vogue....think it was called Feline Fatale? I really don't think you can go wrong with a bit of leopard print action in your wardrobe. Although I will admit to owning a leopard print bodysuit in the 1990's which I think might have been a bit of a mistake: a walk on the wild side gone wildly wrong ;)


  1. Charlotte Dellal is beyond awesome.
    I fell in love with her shoes the minute I saw them in Jalouse (Pity noone knew who I was talking about here...we're still getting our head around the also awesome Nicholas Kirkwood)

    LEOPARD!! RAWR! Yay! I do adore seeing some good big cat fever! Plus I adored the shopping tip (despite the sad tragic fact that they were sold out and hence I can't do my 'Queen of the Jungle' prowl through the law school...)


  2. You are funny! I love the photo. Her coat is divine but those shoes rock!! Also love her tie belt.

  3. I was just obsessing over her shoes...swoon!! and I agree, a little leopard always be classic!

  4. KohCo- You are hilarious, KohCo! She is, isn't she. And she seems really nice as well from all the interviews I have read about her). Interestingly, in that same Aussie Vogue issue, Alice Dellal (who is just so beautiful as well) was wearing a super gorgeous tight leopard print dress! And I read an article in Marie Claire (UK) the other day where Charlotte is just about to release flats (yipee!) into her range. Good for people like me who struggle to wear heels on daily basis :)

    The Photodiarist- mostly I think I just lurch from one embarrassing moment in life to another :) Aren't the shoes beautiful! And yes, the belt! I wanted to say that I loved that as well but there is only so many times you can use the word "love" in a post before it becomes really creepy ;)))

    @Pretty Mommy- I think it helps that her mum was a former YSL muse (obviously great style runs in their family)...Yep, and if you buy a little leopard it will last for years and years. It never really seems to date (and we like that)....Hmmmmm unlike my leopard print body suit though. That did date!

  5. I LOVE her shoes! They're amazing! Fabulous fabulous pic xx

  6. But you were so right! She makes the most wonderful shoes ever!!

  7. @Alice- ha ha! YES, quite right, she DOES!!!! I can't wait for her little flatties.....