Thursday 25 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

The super lovely Violaine Bernard, PR director for Feathers boutique in London. I love Violaine's French chic style (and her cute haircut!) plus, um, those Opening Ceremony clog-boots are just awesome! Perfect for embracing the clog trend if you quite like the look of clogs but don't feel quite brave enough to wear the high-heeled version.....which can be quite a struggle to keep on the foot without serious toe scrinching especially when worn with tights!
And Violaine's lovely camel, white, grey palette? Perfection.


  1. Oh deliciously French
    The neutral colours...
    The softly masculine tailoring
    THE BOOTS...

    You are fuelling my desire for all things boot-esque...
    Once again...not highly desirable in the weather here...

    The people you snap and you in general are far too cool for school.

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Her palette is so subtle and so appealing!
    And I've noticed lately that so many stylish girls have short hair! Is it a coincidence? Or a rule? :) They make me want to cut my hair if it only hadn't taken 4 years to grow them back!

  3. what a nice the subtle shades.

  4. @KohCo and @Ginta- She looks fab doesn't she and she is a really, really nice person as well. @Ginta- some of my fav girls (Ann-Catherine, Violaine, Tracy, the girl from Elle Italia whose name I have temporarily forgotten) all have super cute, short cuts. But yes, the only problem is it takes soooooo long to grow back. I cut mine short once- or rather my hairdresser did- and it looked awful! Never again will I have short hair :)

    KohCo- ooooo I am SO not cool! Actually, I am probably so uncool that I am cool?!

  5. I'm going to need that purse, the watch, and those amazing layers ASAP. :)