Sunday 21 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

The super cute Katie Major who is studying fashion journalism at Solent University in Southampton. Katie was in Paris as part of her degree but snuck away (sshhhhhhh!) from the 'proposed schedule' with her friends to watch the crowds before the Christian Dior show.


  1. This Kate looks like a young famous Kate... dont you agree

  2. Nice cap but I am not convinced by the rest of the outfit

  3. adorable and perfect outfit! love the simplicity.

  4. A little bit equestrian and choirboy.
    Adds to the many reasons why I adore your taste
    I wish I could see more of this in Melbourne despite our penchant for moody black (although it's still boiling so maybe black isn't exactly the colour to go for...)


  5. Wildernesschic- OMG! I thought EXACTLY the same thing but I didn't want to say anything in case I was just seeing things! Glad you saw it as well :)

  6. @KohCo and @Fashion Pile- glad you guys like this as I know Katie will see this post :) I actually think it looks a wee bit Alexander Wang-ish. There was a cape and baseball cap combo that he sent down the runway for SS 2010 that looks a little bit like what Katie was wearing- let me see if I can find the photo:

    And I think British Vogue featured it in a shoot as well.

    KohCo- I have heard it is still super hot in Sydney (and Brisbane always is!). One of my friends had to play 2 games of touch football in 30 degree heat on Sunday- I would have needed a lie down and a cooling face compress after just the warm-up! Interesting about the moody black....whenever I describe the difference between Sydney and Melbourne to people who haven't visited Australia, I always go with the line, that Melbourne feels more European...which ties in with the love of black, I guess. I looked at the new collection for Zambesi the other day and I can see why it sells so well in Melbourne (and over here)- lots of textures and different fabrics and heaps of black, black, black.

    @dreamylacey (cute name!)- yes, I think the cap really suits her face.

  7. Where is her cape from?
    I desperately want a cape.

  8. Dandy Fantastic- Katie emailed me and said her cape was from a charity shop in Portswood Southampton and was only £7.50!

    I have some more capes coming up later in the week :)) Probably not as awesomely priced as Katie's though!