Tuesday 23 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

I like the feelings that these photos convey: okay, so most probably they just convey "Damn skippy it is so cold and windy I think I may pass out..... perhaps I should have worn tights, a dozen blankets and a pair of Uggs.....and a hot water bottle. Mmmmm I really wish this photographer would just leave me alone so I can go inside the nice, comfy, warm tent Mr Lagerfeld has prepared"....but I guess you can see how cold it was and how brave she was to wear bare legs for Karl's 10am show.

Not sure who she is but I think she might be friends with Leigh Lezark...


  1. beautiful!
    she's so mysterious.

  2. Wonderful pics...Beautiful light.
    She does look cold, though!

  3. @Sarah J- whenever I hear the words Mysterious (and its a girl somebody is talking about) up pops into my head Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl song! Which was quite a good song way back in the 90's when I used to go "clubbing"....maybe not so cool now!

    @Style Odyssey- Thanks so much SO! I really like the light in the pics as well :))

  4. this is incredible. these pictures so her hidden emotions so well. great job :) fashion before function


  5. Beautiful light to these shots and of course she is a stunning girl

  6. Rawr! Leopard!
    I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with leopard but I'm far too scared to pull it off. She does it so well though.

    Oh all of me is basically knotted from hoping you come down to visit!! If I do get to meet you...I think I may hyperventilate and die from your awesomeness (or at least fall off my chair)


  7. These are gorgeous. You don't just document fashion. You aren't just a street-style photographer. You are a portraitist. Someone who captures the essence of the people you photograph. That is why I love your photos so much.

  8. these photos are so incredible. she looks quite ethereal - her features are so dark... and with the light hitting her the way it is and her hair being blown around. that is a really beautiful moment that you've captures. real dedication with the bare legs! and they helped make for great photos. xx

  9. Not so sure how I feel...other than very chilly looking at her shivering in the breeze...with cold legs & lips. But lovely shots.

  10. Just found your blog and I'm glad I did, gorgeous photos!
    Greetings from Italy,

  11. Enigmatic, I like the atmosphere .

  12. Thanks everyone- so glad you like these. The light can be tricky and I think some people like this kind of light and others don't.

    @Wildernesschic- she's beautiful isn't she :)

    @Federica- Buon giorno Federica! Thanks so much for finding me :))))

    @Meg- I can't tell you how cold it was that morning. It was SO cold I think I lost all feeling in my fingers and couldn't even text on my mobile (actually that happened a lot in Paris AND london!). She was super brave to wear bare legs!

    @the style crusader- thank you so much Jen: It was SO nice to meet you today!!!!

    @The Photodiarist- thank you, thank you, thank you- you don't know how much that means to hear you say that. I am just overwhelmed. Thank you.

    KohCo- Ooooo I have a photo of a model wearing some leopard print wedges which I will post for you.....and I saw some super cute Acne moccasins as well which would be great for Melbourne :)
    Here they are:

    OMG, you would be so disappointed if you met me- I am SO far from awesome!

    @Kat- correct! Fashion before function!!!