Tuesday 23 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010


  1. fantastic lipstick. love these photos. i must say i love your blog entirely.

  2. @Carole- I am currently obsessed with getting my hands on the new Tom Ford lipsticks (really want the coral shade) but at £37 I think I will be waiting a loooong time for one! Thanks re the blog, Carole- that is so nice of you to say!

  3. I need to learn how to tie my scarf like hers. Any ideas?

  4. This outfit is perfection!!! By the way, I love your blog Vanessa! :)

  5. That jacket is divine - BTW just found your blog and really enjoy your point of view.

  6. I love this outfit! It is so so gorgeous :) Can I just say that before I found your blog I read the sart religiously, now all I read in terms of street style blogs is yours :) You have a great eye for gorgeous outfits :)

  7. Love Love the Jeans! not sure which designer they are from! always enjoy your wonderful & crisp photography! may i ask what camera you use! ♡

  8. Oh so much to love about this outfit.
    High waisted jeans!
    The jacket!
    The shoes!

    Oh Vanessa - your blog is totally perfect for procrastination and totally non-conducive towards work...


  9. could those jeans fit her any more perfectly? i think not. ;)

  10. Bargain Bex- No! I don't think they could! She has curves in all the right places and these jeans hug all of them :)

    @Somestyle- ooo I am not sure where they are from. And I think I forgot to give her my card so she will probably never see these pics and we will never know which jeans :(
    Sure, my camera is a Nikon D700 (I used to use a secondhand Nikon D200 before I got this one). I think most of the other street style photographers use a Canon 5D Mark II or a Canon 5D. Hope this helps- email me if you have any further questions :))

    @Mychameleon- Thank you for stopping by! It is so nice to come across new readers :))

    @Lola- oooo thank you Lola- that is very sweet of you to say:)) I am blushing furiously as I type!

    @Cristina- thank you! I just love her jeans and the little jacket: I guess they are "achievable"- We can all see ourselves wearing a little outfit like this no matter if we live in London, New York, California, Sydney or Rome!

    @Carol- I think this is a pretty easy way to tie your scarf (and trust me, I am very, very bad at tying scarves- they end up just looking all muddled up and wonky). I would have a bit of a google and see if someone has done a you-tube video of how to do it.I once downloaded the Hermes scarf tying guide but I don't know what happened to it....

  11. I can try to explain the scarf thing to you, it' easy.
    Take your scarf and fold it in a half, more ore less, it doesn't have to be precise. At this point you should have a loop on one side and two free ends on the other. Put it over your neck, holding the loop in one hand and the two free ends in the other. Then just take the two free ends and pass them trough the loop, just over your chest!
    And there you have it!
    Hope I made myself understandable!

  12. @Shampalove- that is so sweet of you to explain Shampalove! Hopefully @Carol will see your post!