Tuesday 27 April 2010

Boho Girl

Okay, so the title of the post is a teensy bit misleading as Daniella isn't purely a boho girl......she likes to mix up her style: a little bit girly, a little bit luxe-hippy, a little bit edgy but always, always accessorised. Piles of rings, strands of necklaces, geek glasses, hats: Daniella's room is a treasure trove of gorgeous things she has picked up on her travels. A stylist from Toronto Canada, Daniella loves to mix vintage with high street finds and a little bit of designer as well.

Daniella's long dress, denim shirt and hat in these photos are all vintage. And the mandarine/clementine? That was my daft idea! It got a bit squished in my bag on the way to Daniella's- ick!

p.s. I wanted to do a separate "I am running off to Australia" post but I am all out of time - I haven't even packed yet and my plane leaves in a few hours (hopefully with me on it!) Anyway, so I am heading off to photograph at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week in Sydney, and also going back to see much loved family and friends. I haven't been home for 3 years so I am a wee bit excited :)))) Very nervous about photographing in Australia as I haven't done it before (please everyone be nice to me!).

Hopefully I will have some Aussie pics to show you in a few days. I have a brand spanking new Apple laptop (my first piece of Apple equipment except for my ipod) which I have absolutely no idea how to use so bear with me if my photos look completely and utterly crap when I am away. It is going to be a bit hit and miss......please let me know if my photos look really odd (you can email me if you don't want to do it publicly!).

Right, now, off to pack, which will probably involve just throwing a heap of clothes in my suitcase and sitting down on the top of it to close it :)


  1. these are great! daniella looks brilliant x


    Second: Safe travels to Australia. I cannot wait to see your photos.

    Third: YAY! You are an Apple girl now. Did you get the new Macbook Pro with I5 or I7? You will love your new computer!

  3. I <3 her. Daniella is such a doll and she has the best wardrobe.


  4. Thanks for these, Vanessa!
    Daniella is a stylish sweetheart and your shots of her are all gorgeous. Loved seeing her from your p.o.v

    Have fun in Australia! xx

  5. gorgeous images! I think ya know how to work the Mac, hehe! ;)

    congrats! and safe trip to wonderful Australia, hope i make it there someday, too!

  6. enjoy your trip! looking forward to your pictures! and yes, a macbook pro - you will never want to work on any other computer/laptop again!

  7. oh i LOVE this! I was so happy to come to your blog to find daniellas pretty face looking at me. i totally adore her style and her blog. these photos are absolutely gorgeous. she looks so luminescent in these shots. really beautiful vanessa.

    have a great trip and enjoy your new laptop! i'm sure your photos will look fine! can't wait to see shots of australia! xx

  8. She is such a beauty and your pictures are always fantastic!

    When you get mac you never go back,
    and bon voyage ...

  9. Gorgeous photos!

    Congrats for getting an Apple, is it a macbook pro? It will take time to get use to the keys, you'd realise there are some keys that are missing like the hash key :S Apart from that it's good for photo editing and never crashes!

    Kit x

  10. so stunning vanessa. you are my favorite photographer FOR.SURE.

    you capture such genuine beauty. from the inside out!

    yay for a fellow canadian - daniella is gorgeous.

    have an AMAZING time in your home-land. no place like home...

    sending heaps of love


  11. this is a great post - the pictures are beautiful. so simple and soft.

    i just passed on an award to you - sort of new at this whole thing.

    check it out - http://workyourcloset.blogspot.com

  12. AHHHH!!! So you ARE coming!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!

    My fan sensors are at an all time HIGH. YAY!!!!! Sorry...I'm just going to do a dance of happiness now.

    And I just love the soft, hazy, beautiful Virgin Suicides-esque appeal of this shot. The denim shirt (ahh...I so want one)...the chapeau...it's very well done boho

    Have I mentioned that I am excited?


    PS. I too have a Macbook Pro...it has been like the best purchase of my life...

  13. Very beautiful light, I hope my blog is radiant to that point :


  14. Beautiful photos, have a wonderful trip, can't wait to see your photo's! :)

  15. Ha Ha! I feel like I have finally made it to the cool kids club with my new macbook :)))) @PC and @styleslicker- it is the new, new 15 inch macbook pro. I actually ordered the "old" one (at the old price!) and then two days after I ordered it the new one came out- so they upgraded me for free! Scooby Snacks to apple for doing that. However then it got delayed in the volcano ash saga (as did my new passport- don't ask!) and I only got it just before I left so I really am flying blind with it. Um, but I am not really using it as a mac- I am using windows on it in order to run my CS3 for windows! So I still have one foot in the PC world :) Anyway, yesterday afternoon I tried calibrating, and processing some photos on it and they looked completely shouty-crackers: really dark and awful colour.

    So now I am in a panic about how much I want to load up while I am away. Have I ever said I much I hate change?!!

    I am in Singapore now after a lovely flight: got a little upgrade to business class (yay!!)-I was so dreading being squished into economy for the 20+ hour flight! Thank you all for your lovely comments about Daniella (I know she will read them) and for your lovely Aussie break wishes! Fingers crossed the weather is as lovely as it has been in London the last few days.
    Right, I am off to have a nice glass of wine (it is 7:12pm here).

  16. great! Love her style. Your pictures are great!

  17. I have a macbook pro 15" too, yep it's a pain in the backside to calibrating the monitor, tried soooo many times I gave up, so I go with the flow :S

    I was a windows user since school and yes I hate change :S

  18. you'll get used to Mac's in a second, and then you won't look back. they are so much better, and so much easier
    but more importantly these are great photos. she looks amazing,

    have fun back here in Australia,



  19. Use Photobucket to upload pics and use them in the same way!

    Daniella looks great - love her blog too

    Style Remains

  20. Great photos, they look very refreshing.
    Tell me if you need help with your mac, I'd be glad to help, always first to encourage pc to mac conversions!

  21. she has such a great style!i really like how she matches colours and fabrics!she looks like a doll, she is beautiful and stylish!

    GREAT post!

  22. Thanks everyone for your lovely, lovely comments! Sabrina- she does look a bit doll-like doesn't she? I think it is her hair and the soft colour of denim.

    And ta everyone for offers of help with new mac- much appreciated! @styleslicker- yeah, I feel like I am cheating by using windows on it but I can't afford to buy CS5 for the mac (and I still need the windows for our home PC so I can't swop platforms yet)....it is a nice little saftey net I guess!

    Well, I spent the day in Adelaide in some vineyards yesterday (taking photos for my husband's wine label) and landed in Melbourne last night! Am just sitting in our hotel room now and watching all the hot air baloons floating across the sky- magic! About to hit the streets for some coffee and yummy brekky at cumulus inc

  23. Daniella is a doll!! Beautiful pictures.

    And have a wonderful trip - I love Australian fashion week! And slightly jealous you spent the day in an Adelaide (my former home) vineyard. Can't wait to see all your pictures on your return

    Miss B xx


  24. Love her hair!


  25. love it!!!

  26. Love SO much your blog, it can be a real inspiration. An hug :D

  27. I hope you arrived in Australia safe and sound, was the flight OK? How's the jetlag treating you! The light here is amazing at the moment so I am sure your photos will be amazing. I'm at RAFW reporting for and English fashion magazine, hopefully I'll bump in to you there Lx
    Lucy Laucht

  28. you are so gorgeous! love these pics.

  29. You are so natural, your face lingers in the imagination.

    The photos are awesome. They are not over worked.