Sunday 25 April 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....Paris Fashion Week SS 2010

An old photo I found in my archives from last September: adore her hat and that little bit of sparkle on her striped top. Not to mention her perfectly tousled hair......
Outside Chloe.


  1. Pretty girl, nice clothes, amazing hat.
    Why do most people not wear hats? I just don't get it. It gives the look so much more character. Whatever, maybe thats just me...

  2. soooo happy you shared this!

    the photo is gorgeous!

  3. AHHH!!! Everything I love. It's just like your blog reads my mind or something like that. Breton stripes. An amazing hat. And word up about the hair. Serious tress envy.

    We had mega copies of this top here...ah copies...they give you such a cheap temporary thrill...

  4. I thought tht was Whitney Port