Wednesday 26 May 2010

Melbourne Street Street Style....The "Giles" Glasses

Whenever I see someone wearing glasses like these ones, I immediately think of British designer Giles Deacon (incidentally, congrats to Giles on the Emanuel Ungaro appointment).......I think they are just so geeky cool. Although I suspect that if I had been made to wear them in the 1980's when I was growing up, I would simply have refused to leave the house!

I spotted this girl as I was wandering along Chapel Street in Melbourne. She and her boyfriend were lugging an enormous bag between them. It turns out that they were both from Stockholm and had been working in Australia. They were due to return home to Sweden (via Bali) the day after I met them hence the giant bag containing all their belongings! Mmmm a summer spent in Aus followed by a summer in Europe = Bliss :)


  1. In love with her boots--I wish it was fall...

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  2. she looks gorgeous! swedish people have to be one of the best dressed out there

  3. Viva Melbourne!
    And I found a Swede the other day too!

    I've been missing your posts!

  4. love your blog. your pictures are great and the people who you pick have amazing styles.