Monday, 7 June 2010

Bondi Beach Street Style...Ksubi cut-offs

She was wearing her brother's old Ksubi jeans she had cut-off.
Love how her pup has its little eyes squeezed shut against the sun!


  1. ahhhh vanessa! this makes me feel like i should bypass my oreos and head straight to the gym! t-14 days until bikini time for me! this girl looks incredible! love the bag, the cut offs and that sweet little girly white bow on her bikini top is lovely. xx

  2. @style crusader- ha ha Jen! What would be worse, studying for exams or going to the gym???!!!! I can't work out which would be more traumatic for me. She does have an amazing bod, though doesn't she :))

    How did your exam go today????? You having a little relax tonight? I am watching the Valentino doco which is awesome.

  3. You know what Vanessa???
    I just love your pictures...they are ammazing!
    I follow your blog for a long time and continue like this!

  4. I think she should be the new model for Tourism Australia. Or would that just be playing into the stereotype that we're all bronzed, blonde glamazons (uh...strike nil on both...given that I am pasty and Asian and live in the law library) that walk around the beach looking fantastic in nothing but cut-offs and ADORABLE bikini tops!

    Where is that from? We have so many new swimwear labels I am barely keeping up.

    Plus - if that's 'Valentino - The Last Emperor'...that was the last movie I dragged my now disgusting ex-boyfriend to go watch with me. Brilliant and so so funny.

    Okay...I should probably go write some productive admin practice exam now...GAH...


    PS. I have discovered much new Melbourne goodness for you to stalk on your next visit.

  5. dont think perfection covers it

  6. so cute, and what a cute puppy too!
    love your blog! (I don't think i've ever commented!) =)