Sunday, 22 August 2010

Fashion Week by Berns (Stockholm)....After Filippa K

The Couple
After the Filippa K show on Monday.
I really liked the Filippa K show: it wasn't groundbreaking or extraordinary, just clothes that were pretty, wearable and relaxed.


  1. absolute adore her cheeky expression. this photo is stunning. xx

  2. Aww love how they're both looking back at the camera. Was this spontaneous or were they asked to do this? But it looks really natural though so I'm guessing spontaneous! Super cute couple, I can't help but smile at this photo.


  3. Hey everyone, glad you liked this photo :))

    @Amalina-well, it was sort of spontaneous in that I saw them walking and holding hands, so I quickly scurried up, asked if I could take their photo and told them to walk away while I shot! So I guess it is half-spontaneous and half set up!

    @The style crusader, @I want what she's wearing, @Justine Guy,@The Street Fashion5XPRP
    O, @NYrha - how cute are they!! Both models of course :)

  4. They are just too cute!! And I want her boots.

    Miss B xx