Thursday 19 August 2010

Fashion Week by Berns (Stockholm)....Studded Caramel

I spent 2 nights in Stockholm at the beginning of the week photographing at fashion week. It was my second time in Stockholm and it has left me wanting more.....

  • Dinner (two nights in a row!) at Restaurant Sturehof. We tried to get into PA&Co one night but it was booked out. If you visit Restaurant Sturehof make sure you try the Swedish crayfish and the poached cod with brown butter and horseradish. Delicious.
  • A trip on the archipelago in a speedboat. So much fun and it was lovely seeing all the gorgeous little Swedish summer houses dotted around the islands. I would love to spend a week just puttering around the different islands on a boat
  • The Acne stores (of course!)
  • The Elle pop-up store and cafe in Stureplan (great coffee and pastries)

  • The Byredo store (I am still obsessed with the Pulp and Rose Noire fragrances since I smelt them in Barney's in New York last year)

  • The Italian coffee shop in Stureplan (not sure of the name but it is near Urban Outfitters) where I went with Caroline and Daniel from Stockholm Streetstyle

  • All the girls I photographed in Stockholm (so friendly, pretty and stylish!)


  1. I am obsessed with this top and clutch! Great look. Velvet Cupcakes

  2. Gosh, I love your photos sooo much!
    Thanks for sharing all the great places. When I go to Stockhom someday, I'll check them out!

    Love this outfit, the girl is so cute!So I believe you that the girls are friendly, pretty and stylish, cos she definitely seems like it :-)
    The shirt is amazing, and the shoulder detail makes it even more special!

  3. your dinners sound awesome; making me crave crayfish & seafood right now!

  4. I love this look and all the warm tones in beautiful.

    Love Alexandra

  5. Wonderful photos.. Sounds like you had a fabulous week. Oh, and I love the blouse & shoes..

  6. Love her outfit, how she has put all those leathers together!

    BTW, my favorite fragrance of the moment is Pulp ;) Actually it's my favorite for the last 7 month since I got in Hamburg. It's so, so, delicious!

  7. Major style crush! I'll be reposting this image later today! :) any ideas where the shirt is coming from?

  8. she's lovely, a natural beauty.
    great outfit. camel, when worn this way, is far from boring. mixing textures and color variations is the way to wear this hue, creating visual interest and warmth.

  9. @Kate Funk- isn't the shirt genius! It kind of looks like sheer tweed fabric or something.
    @Gabby/Gypsy Diaries- I think it might have been vintage??? Sorry, I know that isn't very helpful. I know the skirt def was vintage and I am pretty sure the shirt was as well.

    @Ginta- yay!Another fan of Pulp!! I love it- it sort of sickly sweet but in a really good way! It makes me think of summer (and New York) cos that is where I first smelt it. I haven't yet bought a bottle though as I was going to get it while I was in Stockholm but since I purchased the Diptyque one just last month, I thought I had better not buy another perfume (since I already have about 10 others at home to use up!).So next time I go back to Stockholm I will buy it, or failing that, pick it up in Liberty here in London :)

    @Amica- thank you! Yes, you definitely need to visit Stockholm and make sure you go for a boat ride on the water- it is stunning. We took the RIB boat which was so much fun, although I did hurt my knee when I got into the boat cos I am SO uncordinated! ANd the gear they make you wear is pretty hideous! Next time I go I want to hire a bike to ride around the parks.

    @Esther- I want some more of the cod right now (and I don't even like seafood that much!). On the second night I had the steak frites which, it has to be said, was just as good (if not better!) than the ones I have had in Paris! It was very expensive (as Stockholm is!) but well worth it for a treat :)

    @SeaGal- just wish I had of stayed longer to be able to do a little more sightseeing....

    @Alexandra- She looks great, doesn;t she!

  10. Great photos! I can hear Stockholm calling me.

  11. @Style Odyessy- Looking at all the new shoots in magazines showing how to wear camel, caramel, all of those lovely neutral tones, it seems the way to go is to mix textures (boiled wool with sheer, or leather) and add subtle accessories so as not to be boring (a pair of heeled hiking boots, a Gucci suede bag (we dream!),leopard print scarf...)

  12. perfect combination of formal, feminine, and comfy looks. she's adorable! love the tone of the outfit. xxx


  13. Her skirt is gorgeous <3 The stud detail toughens it up.

  14. i just love her top!


  15. always a beautiful photo. What kind of Camera are using and in what setting. sorry if this is a stupid question.

  16. I love the colour co-ordination here and that bag is superb.
    Excellent pictures as always.

  17. I just adore your photos Vanessa!!! They are so full! Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us! xxo

  18. great look...Love her outfit, great shots

  19. Style out of the 70s.Like it. The outfit gets credits for color combination, silhouette and feminity.

  20. I loved Sturehof. I ate lunch there 7 days in a row when I was in Stockholm last summer.

  21. Extremely beautiful shirt and ensemble as well!


  22. She reminds me of Carla Bruni- esp in that first photograph!

  23. OMG>>> she looks amazing..
    What a great color she got all together..
    Amazing.. (sorry i said that twice..but she is..)

  24. love the outfit!
    camel is a wonderful colour!!
    It's Amazing =)

    xx <3 check it out!

  25. Fantastic smile and fantastic style !

  26. She looks very sympathetic! Love her smile!

    xoxo Sandra

  27. you should have gone to "Södermalm" (or SoFo as it´s called) where all the cool little vintage shops are :)