Thursday 14 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011....After Sonia

Small Stripes
Large Checks
A floppy felt hat
A Tiffany key pendant
A plait
A very tiny bag
A smile.....

I LOVE it!

After Sonia Rykiel


  1. gorgeous outfit...lovely the hat and bag

  2. The hat. I want one like it! Glad you are back to blogging. You were missed!

  3. Oooo that tiny little bas is sooo adorable!
    Love her blazer, any idea where she got it from( in case you asked, I know you're not good at remembering these things ;-))

  4. @Sing- I just love the way French girls put things together.

    @Happenstance and @TheSreetFashionPro- me too! I wanted a Borsalino fedora in Milan. Sadly my bank account (and my husband!) were saying NO!

    @Amica- hee hee! Glad you know what I am like!! I actually took these photos in about 10 seconds before she ran away! I didn't even get to talk to her or ask her name. It is a shame as I would like to photograph her again.

    @PD- hey PD! Thank you SO much for letting me know about the Vogue US little mention. Hanneli and Tamu happened to mention it in Paris- I was having a bad morning- and it cheered me up no end! I purchased a copy in Paris before I came back and looked at it on the Eurostar on the way home :)))

  5. Love her outfit! Especially the hat!

  6. stunning details <3 it's really all how you mix&match isn't it!

  7. she is oh sooo trendy! i love her hat and jacket.

  8. Her hat is so cute like something a very chic fisherman woud wear -dunno why a fisherman comes to mind, maybe the flopiness?-


  9. i love everything about this outfit!

  10. Todas i cada una de las fotos son impresionantes you've got a stunning blog is absolutyle amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i follow you!

  11. i must say that you totally have the potencial to be a fashion blogger