Monday, 1 November 2010

London and Paris Fashion Week 2011....Lindsey

Lindsey Wixson in Paris (above) and London (below). I absolutely LOVE the Hans Feurer shoot with Lindsey in the 30th Anniversary Special of i-D magazine: her hair (masses of gorgeous blonde afro-esque curls) and the lighting were both sublime.

And I like that she likes mint flavoured lip gloss, donuts, chocolate malts and shopping in thrift stores.... reassuringly teenage.


  1. She is absolutely exquisite. Great photography, Vanessa.

  2. @Peta- isn't she gorgeous! She has such an amazing face and a really quirky style.

  3. She is a beautiful girl. Her quirky style is so unique to her too!

  4. J'ai déjà vu Lindsey dans un reportage sur le défilé de Sonia Rykiel sur une chaîne française.

    Elle est vraiment belle cette petite. Grande carrière devant elle!

    Vos photos sont sublimes, Vanessa!

  5. Sort of obsessed with her face. My mom loves her too :)

  6. oh yes, I meant to write a ps to ya Vanessa!

    painted her on my blog here: