Monday 13 December 2010

New York Fashion Week SS 2011...Laurel

Laurel Pantin, Beauty Assistant, Teen Vogue.


  1. I love her style whenever I see her, she's becoming one of my favorites.
    Just really great basic pieces combined in a perfect way, just how I like it :-)
    Also love her hair in both pictures :-)

    And I noticed you started writing not only the names, but also the respective job of the girls.
    Thank you, makes me feel less clueless :-)))

  2. @Amica- ha! Well, I must admit that I don't actually (or very rarely) write people's names down but I am slowly learning who everyone is.

    @PD- she is too cute, huh?!

  3. she's super cute - such an effortless look! love her hair up.

  4. Love the photos, as always.

    Curious: What lens do you usually shoot with?

  5. @1000 words-i think this was on my 50mm lens! Hope that helps.

  6. I am obsessed with Laurel Pantin, she has the most gorgeous smile that completes every outfit. love the second shot vanessa!! she is radiant..


  7. @Hannah-rose- me too!!! I think she is ah-maz-ing and you are right- her smile just makes her radiant :))) We do like smiley people!
    Hope you had a fab Christmas in Aus, Hannah, and an amazing year to follow xx.