Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Miss Peony Lim.

These are some photographs I took of Peony for a feature for Grazia.IT which you can find here. Head on over for a wee interview with Peony (although you will need to use a little google translate action if you can't read Italian like me!). Find out why she started her blog, what she never leaves home without, Peony's must-wear accessory and the inspiration behind her style.
Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile (thank you!) will recognise Peony from previous fashion week posts. I realised, however, that I haven't ever really done a proper style profile on Peony- we have just kind of never got around to doing it. So Grazia was the perfect excuse for me to head on over to Peony's house with camera in hand to pull apart her wardrobe and take some portraits. And eat cupcakes. And chat ;)

I first met Peony at LFW in February last year when she was still studying History of Art at the Courtauld Institute in London (which coincidentally has its campus right on the doorstep of Somerset House- very handy for fashion week). But walking into Peony's bedroom it is clear that a career as a stylist was almost a certainty. A beautiful mood board that covers almost her entire door, stacks of neatly folded jeans (not cast aside on a chair like I am want to do!) next to a vintage Louis Vuitton case, long, floaty dresses hanging prettily near a window, a little area is set aside for hair products, make-up and a little DIY*, costume jewellery and belts are tucked away in vintage leather hat boxes.....and I am not even going to mention the gorgeous shoes and handbags. They have their own space in another room :)

Her wardrobe is basically a glorious kaleidoscope of vintage her mama has passed on to her, high street buys, eBay bargains and designer items (Bicester Village and TK Maxx are favourite places for picking up designer pieces on a budget. A recent purchase from Bicester was an Alexander McQueen dress from his SS 2010 collection).

Whenever I visit Peony's home I am like a kid in a candy store- it smells so delicious (she burns Diptyque and Penhaligon's candles), there are always bunches of fresh flowers everywhere and some form of naughty treat she has whipped up (see the bottom collage for the tiny pink cupcakes she baked on the day of our shoot). I also make her show me any new purchases...I obviously live vicariously through my friends!

Now, because I am terribly remiss at getting details of what people are wearing during fashion weeks (which I know is so frustrating for many of you ;), I am going to be giving you details of what each girl I photograph is wearing.

So, top photos: vintage military shirt, shorts (Patricia Field), hat (vintage from Antwerp), studded boots (Russell&Bromley), cross necklace (gift from Peony's boyfriend from Camden market), belt (from India).
Black dress (above) Patricia Field, heels (Christian Louboutin).
Leopard print dress (H&M). I loved that dress....it would be perfect for a holiday cocktail hour.

Grey t-shirt (H&M), denim shorts (vintage levi's), Hello Kitty headphones (I made her put them on!) were a gift from her boyfriend.
White shirt (Thomas Pink), jeans (J Brand), turquoise ring (bought in Morocco while on a job), large link bracelet (gift from Peony's mama). The beautiful teapot in the background is a Herm├Ęs limited edition with peony flowers on the side. It was a special present from Peony's parents. I stayed WELL away from said teapot for obvious reasons!
*Check the shoes she customised with spikes (inspired by a Christian Louboutin pair) with a little help from her boyfriend!

p.s. think you can click on the collages to make them bigger. I know they are a bit small...


  1. Soooooooo beautiful.... love her style ;))

    street life Karl LAGERFELD: http://magmoiselle.fr

  2. Awwww Vanessa the shots of Peony are beautiful!!!!


  3. @S and @ Kit- thanks so much. That means a lot from both of you.

  4. such amazing shots - and I adore peony! great work vanessa. xx

  5. @geneva-argh,Geneva you beat me to it. Was just about to tweet you to say thank you for the lovely blog comment the other day( I couldnt find where you left it!). So thank you for being so thoughtful. Hope you are well?! xx

  6. Beautiful photos! The leopard dress is incredible.

  7. awesome pics. ! ;-))


  8. What a great post! And thanks for introducing us to Peony, now I'm going to be addicted to her blog as well!


  9. She's gorgeous! And your photos are absolutely beautiful :)

  10. @everyone-thanks so much for your nice comments and encouregment-it means a lot to me xx

    @nomadic-glad you like Peony's blog!

  11. This girl is soo gorgeous! I'm so glad she has a blog!

  12. She is so beautifull !!


  13. Nice pics!!!! :))))) I hope your visit in my Blog: www.pulsacoesplanetarias.blogspot.com
    Thank´s! :D

  14. Hey Vanessa, This is a wonderful story of the beautiful Peony. I love all your location and outfit changes nad range of shots in each. Gorgeous. Well done. Xxxx

  15. She's beautiful! I love what she's wearing


  16. These montages are delightful. People can project themselves right into such fashionable milieux.

  17. Stunning outfits, stunning locations, stunning Peony..


  18. She is very beautiful and your photos always capture that amazingly. I remember your first photos of her and her friend Row. They were very inspirational x

  19. @Fashion and Frank said- that is so cool that you remember Rowie as well! Gosh that would have been about a year ago right about now :))

  20. amazing! I love this post - can't wait to see more like this :)

  21. Lovely post - great shots. How amazing to have gone from a History of Art degree to a career as a a stylist! Talented girl!

    Regular reader of your blog, Vanessa, love it!


  22. these shots are just absolutely stunning. great photography and great model.

  23. I love it when you do this sort of post Vanessa! What a freaking feast for the eyes! Peony is such a babe. These photos are stunning. She's got such a refined style and the most incredible wardrobe. xx

  24. She is beautiful and has such a great sense of style! I cannot believe that that leopard print dress is form H&M! It's gorgeous!


  25. Vanessa!! This series is absolutely GORGEOUS!! LOVE!!


  26. so great, and the photos you took of her are breathtaking. i love how you captured her!

  27. Great shot, beautiful face

  28. @Audrey Marie- yay! That is good as I will be doing one once per week. I was going to blog another one this Friday but Royal Wedding Fever has gripped me (ha!) so I think it will be Monday. Grazia feature will be out on Friday though...
    @Acid Wallpaper- I know! Although she also sketches so I think there is some of the History of Art degree rubbing off!
    @Style Crusader- oh man, woke up in a cold sweat at 3am this morning- did I miss a catch up with you yesterday??? Please tell me I didn't...
    @Chelsea- I know! Hellllooooooo sometimes H&M just comes out with gold! In my overactive imagination I imagine wafting along a beach at sunset, drink in hand in this dress. Actually, scrap that- I would look terrible in it but I would like to photograph someone on a beach in it! ha!
    @Peta- thank you so much Peta
    @Rebecca from See You in Sweden- thank you!
    @Caroline Weiler- xx
    @Shini- ha! Your comment made me smile!!! You back in sunny London now?

  29. AMAZING!


  30. her name really goes with her look. love the lace panties showing under white shorts

  31. So stunning! All pics she got is so gorgeous. I love her beauty.


  32. SOO LOVELY!!! I am SOO going to be following her blog now! thanks!!!
    I love Penhaligon's!! I did a post on their amazing packaging!!!


  33. @Jenny- I am now a Penhaligon's candle lover too! The 3 wick burner one's (which are HUGE!) are just so pretty.

  34. her hair is so perfect
    love these photos :)


  35. i looooove this pictorial report!

    it's great!

    thank you!

  36. I'm blown awayyyy!! She has such great style, really chic! Great shots and amazing clothes. Great post!

  37. I love it!

    Diary of a fashion stylist_