Wednesday 21 December 2011

Paris Fashion Week SS 2012...Franca

Franca Sozzani, editor in chief, Vogue Italia.
I think she is incredibly beautiful and I love her classic, feminine style (not to mention that Prada crocodile purse...actually I am not sure you would call it a purse. Maybe a pouch?).


  1. Hi there,

    Her skirt is absolutely beautiful. But I must say that I am fond/fan of the combination of navy blue and black!

    Best !

    Alda Mori

  2. Fabulous! I really love her pairing of black and navy.

  3. @ Alda and @Lauren- Do you know that I only "saw" the navy blue and black afterwards?! It is amazing what I "see" and what others notice/focus on.

  4. Isnt she gorgeous - such an inspiration and what a gorgeous shot - thanks so much for your lovely message and thank you for all the inspiration - i am always excited when i see Vanessa Jackman updates in the in box - have a very fab xmas and all the best for the new year x

  5. These photos really remind me of a woman I worked with on a shoot a while ago - she was the creative director I think? She was in her early to mid-fifties, was dressed "all in hermes" (it was a shirt and skirt, ergo why this provoked the memory!) and had this incredible curly hair. I decided that I hoped I could one day look that chic. Franca here is the same. Fab shots Vanessa, and have a great christmas.

  6. Like the others, I very much like the combination of black and navy. What I appreciate even more is the "FS" embroidered on her chest pocket!
    I find very interesting to consider what we 'see', as you mentioned above. The first things that caught my attention in this photo were the different textures and how her hair shares the textures of her skirt and shirt at the same time (if that makes any sense). Out of curiosity, what were yours?
    Have great holidays!

  7. She is just so damned chic.

  8. @fashion and Frank - xxx

    @camille- okay so the first thing was probably how her face and lovely hair looked in the light- such beautiful late afternoon "magic hour" light, and then probably her lace skirt...and the green clutch. But normally it is always light and face/facial expression. I like how happy she looks! Almost serene. So many times editors come out of shows and look stressed (with very good reason) yet Franca almost always looks happy. Love this discussion by the way!

    @Roz- SOOOO chic! And I can so see you having Franca's same style when you are older! Will be emailing you tomorrow Roz!