Friday, 2 December 2011

Weekend Life....Stockholm

A few photos from a quick trip to Stockholm after Paris Fashion Week. I really want to go back during the summer and explore the islands of the archipelago. But for now here are a few of my fav places to go in Stockholm:

PA & Co in Östermalm. Slightly tricky to get a reservation (it is tiny) but so worth it once you are seated. The cod in butter sauce and skagen* was divine as was the sauteed wild mushrooms on toast. A cosy place to while away a couple of hours over a bottle of wine especially on a frosty winter's evening.

Nytorget Urban Deli perfect for a casual lunch (sit on the outside bench seats if there is room...and the weather permits). We shared the steak tartare and the skagen toast (clearly I have a thing for small nordic sea creatures drenched in mayonnaise and dill ;)

Restaurant Sturehof always, always good. Had an awesome night out with Swedish friends here last time I visited.

Östermalms saluhall market hall. Wonderful for lunch, an afternoon snack with a glass of wine, or for picking up provisions for a picnic in summer or dinner if you are staying in self-catering accommodation.

Fabrique bakery for fantastic bread and kanelbulle (cinnamon scroll/buns with a hint of cardamon).

Cinnamon buns and hot chocolate in the heart of Gamla Stan at Chokladkoppen.
Sosta Espresso Bar. These boys never fail to deliver a perfect caffè latte.

Bianchi cafe and cycles

Love the Byredo store for perfumes and candles;

Nudie Jeans boys schmoys. Girls wear 'em better ;)

Grandpa for cute and quirky clothing, vintage and homeware oddities;

Acne. duh!


We rested our weary heads (can't even use jetlag as an excuse!) at the Hotel Stureplan. I have stayed at this 19th century-built hotel each time I have visited Stockholm and always find the staff welcoming and the rooms beautiful (love the chandeliers in each room). Great location as well.

*tiny prawns (shrimp)


  1. Hmm looks so peaceful!

  2. Soo jealous...I want to go to there!!

  3. Which camera did you used? So nice!

  4. I always enjoy your photos but I must say I really love your travel photography. Makes me feel like I've been on vacation and I note your helpful hints on where to go, just in case we do go. Thanks for sharing & Happy Holidays!

  5. It looks lovely. I am enchanted with that bicycle photo. It looks poised to roll off somewhere.

  6. These series' that you do are so great, Vanessa! I love them : )

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!
    @Peta- ahhh ta muchly!
    @The Foolish Aesthete- I know! It does doesn't it.....And do you notice how it isn't chained up or locked???I still can't get over people not locking up their bikes in Sweden. Totally awesome that they don't get stolen.

    @Michelle- I sort of do it so I remember where I have been otherwise I just end up with a whole bunch of photos on my harddrive which never see the light of day. It is nice to have the memories all in one place.

    @Edit- it is just an old nikon camera with a 50mm lens

    @Christina and @geena- thanks!

    @Sean- me too! I want to go back :)

  8. love the pictures:
    the way they were taken and the way they were put together for the post.
    You confirmed my choice for my next travel destination : it's definitely Stockholm.

  9. Well, Stockholm is great, but Gothenburg is even better in my opinion. If you haven't visited Gothenburg yet, you should really do it, it's got everything that Stockholm has got - but nicer people and a love for their city which people in Stockholm don't have :)

  10. @Emma- oooo I just googled it (I am truly hopeless at geography) and it looks delightful. I will put it on my list of places to visit. Thanks so much for the tip. I would love to go to Malmo as well.....

    @Maxime- thanks so much. Hopefully it tells a bit of a story.

  11. Beautiful photos! :) Love the serenity.

    - Nam

  12. Sthl is really great. But have to agree with Emma. Gothenburg is better, but I am bias.

  13. seriously beautiful photos!!!
    want all your photos in a big book like the one I put on coffee table :)

  14. Ahhh man this is super, thanks!

    Peroxide Blonde

  15. beautiful pictures!!! i wish i can visit this amazing place!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  16. They are totally telling a story.
    Just like in the post about a weekend in Britain's countryside. I am a fan.
    I have tried to tell a story in a post about a Sunday brunch, if you want to have a look :
    not as good as you yet but I am working on it.