Monday 30 January 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2012

Love her hair and make-up (that eyeliner flick = awesome).....I can't remember what show this was after but I think she looks so beautiful :)


  1. aw wow!i'm so in love with this look!!!!!!


  2. That is a truly beautiful, yet simple look. Thanks for snapping a photo of this! I actually have a shirt almost exactly like hers (except lighter green and not ribbed, but still has that upper patterned part and front buttons). Now I go see if I can build an outfit similar to hers. Thanks for the idea!

    Now, to figure out how to get that awesome hair....

  3. @The Lady Nerd- do it! And report back on how you go. In terms of her beautiful hair I think that might require a daily hairdresser visit coupled with lots of hot rollers!

    @bonjour....JR - thank you so much for letting us know it is Simona! You are a star!

  4. Love this make-up! It's fairy like!