Thursday 5 January 2012

Talisa for

Talisa Sutton for

The second of my Aussie girls I photographed late last year for Grazia. Head on over to to find out Talisa's pick of places to shop in Sydney for fashion, interiors and books, where she finds her style inspiration and her never-take-off accessory (which she is wearing in these photos! Can you spy it? It is almost like the Where's Wally game;)

So on a wild and windy day in Sydney, I headed on over to Talisa's apartment to take some photos of her in her fav outfits. My friend Hannah (who is besties with Talisa) and who suggested that Talisa would be perfect for a Grazia feature, came along to introduce us. When Talisa opened the door, I squeaked out in delight "OMG, OMG, I saw you the other day!!!". I am quite sure Talisa (and Hannah) thought I was some mad stalker person :) The crazy thing was, I had bought a take-away coffee at one of my favourite coffee haunts in Sydney, Toby's Estate Coffee*, the day before and had seen a girl wearing a fabulous jumpsuit and heels that I really wanted to photograph. Unfortunately I had left my camera in my hotel room (sad story).

Anyway, it turns out it that it was Talisa I had seen (happy story!). How fun (and odd) is that?

Graphic Designer (she has just finished her diploma), Illustrator, co-designer of new Australian label, Uniform, and co-editor of Badlands blog (her man is the other editor), Talisa is so crazy talented (and busy) that I feel a bit dizzy just typing it all. Talisa began freelancing as a graphic designer in the last year of her course and also started designing a collection for fashion label, Uniform, with her business partner, Maria. The girls were just putting the finishing touches on their collection when I photographed Talisa but I had a little sneak peek as Talisa wore a few of the pieces for our shoot. And I loved what I saw! Lots of leather, simple, wearable shapes with a healthy dash of quirky edginess (note the leather pinny and baseball cap). Not sure when the label is launching but keep checking Talisa's Badlands blog for updates.

Talisa's outfits for our shoot?

Cream lace dress: Australian label Lover (one of my fav labels)

Yellow Dress: Acne; black heels (Zara) and YSL ring.

Black dress: Uniform; Flat sandals: Australian/New Zealand label Benah (such great sandals and accessories, perfect for summer)

Black leather skirt and cap: Uniform; Tank: Alexander Wang

Black pinafore and shirt: Uniform; Black boots: Rag and Bone

*Which is opening a branch in Brooklyn on Monday, Jan 9th. Awesome!


  1. The yellow dress is amazing! Love the pictures. :)

    xo, Ian.

  2. That last outfit is awesome. Such a great leather jumper.


  3. really really interesting, thanx for sharing cause i dint have an idea about this girl... and i am reading it -now- ! thank you for sharing, your blog is a great inspirational source, u already know though.

  4. Beautiful photos! The white dress is absolutely stunning! xxx

  5. Oh these photos are lovely!! The pieces from Uniform look so good as well; I'll definitely be on the lookout for when it opens now.

  6. What season's is the yellow dress by Acne? Is there online?

  7. These are lovely! I've been a long-time reader of badlands - it's great to see the stylish face behind the blog.

    Can't wait to check out some pieces from Uniform, they are perfect.

  8. I like the one with the hat, specially paired with sandals and skirt. Is it leather?

  9. Thanks so much everyone!! I am sure Talisa will appreciate your kind comments :)

    @Anonymous- I think it is from the AW 2011 collection so is in the sales section now. I checked on net-a-porter and it was all sold out (in the yellow) and my-wardrobe had it in steel blue but it is also sold out :( Lane Crawford has the black one on sale now though and I think there is similar styles in the current Acne collection. Hope that helps!

    @Faridah- yay :) So glad you now know the face behind the cool blog.

    @MAry- yes, look out for the Uniform collection on Talisa's blog!
    @eloiselabetise- I adore that lace dress by Lover, closely followed by the little black dress from Uniform!

  10. The cream dress is so cute and the yellow dress is beautiful.
    Amazing photo of the yellow dress with the city skyline in the background.

  11. the lace dress is utterly beautiful

    xo katrina

  12. magic has happened!

  13. these photos are amazing, and she is adorable. i love,love her lace dress and I want that black mini-tent dress!

  14. amazing that she's so talented!! especially since i couldn't shake the feeling that she was a 12 year old playing dress up!!

  15. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments, its really made my day!

    Baseball hats - Yes the cap is leather :)

    Anonymous - I hope you can find the dress, maybe try ebay? I work at Acne and as far as I know it's sold out worldwide but they will keep making similar styles.

  16. seriously love this, Talisa is beautiful and those pieces are wonderful! I want that black leather jumper, its amaaazing!

  17. I love your hair and that yellow dress is gorgeous! great outfits as usual


  18. Ooooh, Vanessa! These shots are incredible. There is something so varied yet constant about the photos. I love how the outfits transition from the white dress with flat sandals to bright yellow and then leather.

    Thanks for the gorgeous introduction to Talisa.

    It's absolutely freezing where I am and this post is like a little departure to summer! I love it. xx

  19. @chattenoire- Talisa does look young! Lucky thing!
    @paiges. of. nothing and @Collections- I had to keep going back to the photos and examining them for a black leather "jumper" which is what we call sweaters in Australia (I have to keep forcing myself to say "sweater" instead of jumper). Anyway, so I have worked out that the pinafore is the jumper! Silly me

    @Style crusader- Happy Christmas and New Year, Jen!! I hope you are having a wonderful time in your freezing location. It has been so mild in London....although we did get stuck up a mountain from 5pm to 10pm at night in the Rhone-Alps just before New Year in a heavy snow downfall.Not fun but definitely an adventure!! xx

  20. Talisa is such a dreamboat. I'm loving the Australian girls you've shot, they look amazing.

  21. my favourite vanessa, really. the best it girls series you've done! the light is so dreamy and the backdrop so perfect and talisa so stunning - i guess you should move back to sydney and keep shooting amazing it girls features. you can live in that ridiculous apartment near talisa haha! done and done. when can we expect you back? :)

    ps. toby's in new york in feb? it's a date!!


  22. @Jessie- ahhh thanks so much Jessie!!

    @Hannah-Rose: ha ha! Hannah you are too kind. I need to put you in my pocket and pull you out when I have those down days :)) Helllllloooo how amazing were those apartments (sigh). Obviously Macquarie Bank is doing quite well ;)

  23. OMG!! Where to buy that black leather pinafore??


    Awesome post and fantastic Talisa ;)

  24. So so beautiful, herself, the photos & the badlands blog. Gorgeous.

  25. very beautiful photos. i love the yellow dress pictures.