Friday, 24 February 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012...After Ruffian

Falling snow + NYC + bouncy curls + perfect red lips =  all the things I love to shoot!

I was so excited when it started to snow in NYC....I couldn't sleep properly the night before, and when I looked out the window on the Saturday morning and tiny specks of snow were falling onto the fire escape, it was one of those yeehaw moments! I have never seen snow fall in NYC before - last February was my first winter season at NYFW and while there was lots of snow on the ground, it didn't actually snow while I was there.

I took a cab uptown and made the driver let me out at Central Park so I could take all the prettiness in...the park looks beautiful any time of day but to see it in the early morning with snow falling was pretty damn special. And then I got to Lincoln Centre just as the models from the Ruffian show were coming out....the hair, the red lips, the snow. So much loveliness to photograph.


  1. I love this photo!!!


  2. I love the photos and and that outfit! The coat is a very flattering cut. (And that hair! Wowza!)

    Very lovely pictures as always. :)

  3. Gorge! And the snow falling does look beautiful, I'm glad you caught it!
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  4. @pinkmate- thank you!

    @The Lady Nerd- I know, how gorgeous is her hair?! such bouncy, springy curls. I feel like you could pull on one and it would bounce right up again! (okay, that sounds very weird, I know!) . I would love to shoot girls "properly" with this hair and make-up....sigh.

    @Girl in the poodle shoes- me too. I didn't feel like getting up early (having not slept) but it was worth it!

    Mmmm meant to say that I didn't "make" the cab driver let me out at Central Park, I asked him to. Although he did get a bit shouty crackers at me as I told him the wrong address. 8th avenue does not go up to W 62nd street!

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  6. gorgeous blue eyes-- the grey scarf really makes them pop!

    Lydia Lange

  7. These cosy woolly scarf and red coat are so perfect under the snow!!
    And it brings out her beautiful blue eyes: stunning!

  8. Adore these photos! The snow makes for some gorgeous shots, and she is the perfect driver :)

  9. Qu'elle est belle ! Ce regarde et ces cheveux ! Bravo :)

  10. Wow looks so cold - lovely sunny day here - cant wait to wear summer stuff - new designer kaftan range arriving - have a look and let us know what you thinkxx lovely floaty topsx

  11. Beauiful photos! She has a stunning hair and I also love that coat


  12. lovely curls and stunning blue eyes!

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