Friday, 24 February 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012...Andie

Andie Arthur, after DKNY, NYC February 2012.

I first saw these Rag & Bone jeans on Hanneli last season (and loved the way she styled them with (super) high, white sandals and a minty green short-sleeved top) but somehow managed to not get a photograph of her wearing them*....probably I was standing around chatting rather than shooting ;) And then each morning I walked past them in the window of a store in the West Village (where we were staying this trip - my most favourite part of NYC!), so when I saw Andie wearing them after DKNY I practically did a little happy dance. Of course it had to have been the -14°C wind-chill day so that it was bluddy freezing and everyone's hair was going a little crazy, but I am still pleased I finally got to photograph someone in them! And it is great to see how Andie styled them for winter (I never would have thought of them as a winter jean but the pale mint sweater and boots work really well together).

Recreate Andie's look (kind of):
Rag & Bone/Jean The Legging Jean in Goetz
See by Chloe Twirl lemon cross body bag

*which I remind her of each time I see her!  I always remember the photographs I miss out on although sometimes I think the ones I take in my head and better than the ones I take with my camera.


  1. love the lemon bag and i loooooove the rag and bone jeans!!!!

  2. amazing denim! fabulous faded colors!


  3. #Chictothenextlev
    I love how she styled them too! The pastels with the leather are a perfect combination.
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  4. Rag and Bone always makes the coolest jeans. Lovin' her Rag and Bone Newbury booties as well. Great look.

    The Habit

  5. @Bonnie, Clyde and Marni - I love the jeans as well. These, and the floral jeans that are everywhere right now, are my favourites. Mmmmm and add in a pair of flared jeans as well!

    @monkeyshines- I think the colours are a bit wishy-washy because of the light I took this in - it wasn't ideal shooting conditions to say the least. But I wanted to take a photograph of Andie in her jeans. So I did!

    @sajuki- She is so cute isn't she. And really nice girl as well.

  6. @The Habit- wowsers! How did you know they are Rag and Bone booties as well?!!!! you guys are machines at knowing labels from afar!

  7. Wow, I totally love this! Great, simple look and beautiful pictures :)

  8. Amazing bag!
    so vivid!

  9. love the jeans! <3