Friday 23 March 2012

London Fashion Week AW 2012....Backstage at Margaret Howell

Backstage at Margaret Howell, London, Sunday 19 February 2012.

Low ponytails pulled effortlessly to one side under pom pom topped Tam o' Shanter's and low-riding beanies, freshly cut slices of crimson streaked blood orange and wedges of crisp winter apples, sleepy eyed models sipping welcome cups of freshly brewed coffee (show start time is 9am), boxes of brown and black preppy penny loafers, utilitarian canvas backpacks, refined twinsets, knee-length gently pleated skirts and mannish blazers (evoking images of the young Mitford sisters in the 1930's), heavy wool military-inspired coats.....and one Paddington Bear navy knee-length duffel coat, flushed rosy cheeks (a brisk walk in the country on a winter's day perhaps?), wool pants with front pockets and track-pant hems, tales of acting and photographs (we loved seeing you back on the runway this season Dorothea Barth Jorgensen).....These Are a Few of My Favourite Things from backstage at Margaret Howell AW 2012.


  1. I'm seeing a younger version of Liv Tyler in picture number 15 :P

  2. love the photos!!!

  3. Aw, Dorothea :)
    I've missed her

  4. Love your blog, Vanessa. The best street style photos.
    Adore this post in particular - intriguing seeing back stage at the wonderful Margaret Howell. Beautiful!


  5. First of all, gorgeous photos. I really like to see backstage photos, and these are just amazing!

    Secondly, that Asian girl, I've seen her in other shows too and I am a huge fan of her. Her face is so beautiful. Lovely weekend

    XO Charlotte

  6. Lovely pictures, the girls with the hats look lovely ;)

  7. @everyone - thanks for all the nice comments.

    @Kit -That is the beautiful Adina and yep, she does have a touch of the Liv Tyler about her!
    @Bonnie, Clyde and Marni - thank you!
    @aninalu- I know, right? It is fab she is back walking again

    @Aoife - awww that is very sweet of you to say. And it is fun seeing backstage although I do find it a massive challenge -it is pretty chaotic back there and the two shows I do it for (Margaret Howell and Tory Burch) have really tiny spaces. But I am glad I have had the opportunity to do it!

    @TheFashionGuitar - Oh yes! She is amazing! That is Wang. I will do a post on her next week just for you :) She has fabulous personal style (kind of quirky) and helllllloooo that bowl cut?! So super cool

    @Composition Two - thank you.

    @Style Astronaut- me too, I really liked the accessories with the clothes. The stylist did a great job of teaming those hats with the collection.

  8. love the very short hair! <3

  9. She's cute and her sense of fashion is cool. :)