Tuesday 27 March 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012...Marina

Stylist Marina Munoz after Karen Walker, NYC, February 2012. 

I must have Tam o' Shanters (the traditional Scottish bonnet) on the brain as after I posted my Margaret Howell backstage photos last week, I came across these of Marina in NYC. Love the tartan beret and the way she has teamed it with the boxy, cropped jacket and black jeans. A lovely way to combine something very traditional with very modern pieces.

Recreate Marina's Look (kind of):

Gryphon sunshine yellow Happy jacket or girl. by Band of Outsiders yellow slub-cotton jacket


  1. Love the yellow Jacket


  2. love the jacket!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the boxy yellow jacket and it does pair well with the Tam.

  4. I love Marina so much, her style is fantastic and unique althought i'm not very sure about the mix of navy blue and black...but the beret and the jacket are wonderful!
    i love your pics soooooo much too :)

  5. @ &39;S (sorry, I couldn't find the hash tag sign on my mac! Clearly I need lessons;) - anyway, yes, I was always taught that black and navy blue shouldn't be seen together but "rules" are meant to be broken! And who better to do that than Marina. And thanks for the photo love. As always, they are a work in progress :)

    @Antonio - thank you Antonio!

    @Bonnie, Clyde and Marni and @Lauren, @Anon, and @monkeyshines - I know, isn't it great. Do we think it is vintage?