Friday 23 March 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012...Suzie

Suzie Bird, after 3.1 Philip Lim, NYC, February 2012.


  1. Love this look. Orange and grey is a wonderful color combination. Great cropped pants, too.

  2. Burnt orange and cropped jeans are perfection.

    The Wearist

  3. beautiful bag and pop of orange!


  4. Love the orange coat. One of my favorite colors

    XO Charlotte

  5. Suzie is my favourite model today hands down - I love that she is so sweet and friendly, and her style is incredible. part modern, part vintage 1960s belle du jour. I love this shot!


  6. I discover your job, your blog, more and more every day. It's a social and fashion analysis of life , of feminity !

    GREAT !

  7. Thanks everyone!

    @TheFashionGuitar and @Lauren and @Mica - love that you peeps are orange fans! And it was so nice to photograph Suzie wearing something bright in NYC - it made the cold weather seem less so.

    @The Wearist - Since you left the comment, I have been trying to work out whether Suzie was wearing jeans or cropped pants....I need to take a better look at the high-res photo I think! Either way they look great. Cropped pants are where it is at this season....and probably the next as well ;)

    @hannah-rose- you are so right, Hannah. She is such a lovely girl, really sweet and genuine and friendly. I have been photographing her for a long time now....first was at men's fashion week in June 2009, I think. Then I randomly bumped into her in COS in the Marais a little while after that! She is one of my fav's as well.

  8. Very stylish outfit!

  9. ♥ love ♥