Friday, 30 March 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Susie

Ms Susie Lau, after the Louis Vuitton fashion train had pulled into the station, Paris, March 2012.

Rather oddly, after I decided to post these photos, I picked up the March copy of Nylon magazine (love Nylon!) and on page 138 there is a Factory Girl article by Dani Stahl about (insert excellent drum roll here) white anoraks! Dani travels to the Bebe studio in Century City and gets her very own white anorak made up by the production team. She says (page 138) "It's an excellent item, versatile, easy to pack - everyone should have an anorak. I like them so much I even love saying the word: "Anorak!" It rhymes with DJ Afrojack, which is never a bad thing (I'm really feeling house music these days)".

Hell yeah! I have no idea who DJ Afrojack is (clearly I live in a house music/dj black hole) but I am going to go right ahead and agree with everything Dani says! She ends with "The jacket is functional, but as you know, I'm more interested in the "fun" part than the, um, "-ctional" part. Like I said, fashion should be fun. And, right now, it should also be white and shaped like an anorak. Which, the way I see it, makes me right on trend" (page 140).
Recreate Susie's (and Dani's look) kind of:

Mason by Michelle Mason anorak

ASOS festival anorak (perfect for anyone heading to Coachella - you lucky things!It probably won't be rainy or cold, unlike festival season in the UK, but good to pack just in case)

Mulberry Alexa snake-y/scale-y bag (love this)


  1. She always looks so cute!

    Take a look at my fashion illustrations and art:

  2. Charming coat, would like to find something for myself)

  3. fantastic booties!


  4. Congratulations on being named one of the top 20 fashion blogs IFB is betting on in 2012. How exciting and I can see why!

  5. Allways love a whole white look


  6. Cute booties!! And loving the all chic :)

  7. Love Susie, she is so pretty! :) Really like her all white look with the black shoes, but I just know if I tried for a white anorack I'd stain it in 5 minutes, I'm so clumsy! haha!

  8. Ah, Susie always looks so chic!

  9. thanks everyone! Susie is always a delight to photograph.

    @Celina - thank you!! I was so happy that they included me :))) It is always lovely to receive encouragement!

    @Mica - ha ha! Yeah, I am the same. White on me lasts for about a minute before I spill/drip/sit on something. Kudos to Susie for remaining pristine in her white anorak!

    @Duck - correct! And cute :)

  10. Ah yeah you definitely need to check Afrojack ;-)

    Beautiful pictures... I love the light..!

    Diary Of a Fashion Stylist..!

  11. So cute :) I like those kinds of clothes...

  12. Love the boots, x

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  13. Love the jacket, so cute :)

  14. j'adore your blog and your suggestions :D