Thursday 5 April 2012

London Fashion Week AW 2012...Alice

Alice Goddard, Somerset House, London, February 2012.

Beautiful, talented Alice - fashion student, stylist and co-creator of super cool magazine called, well,  Hot & Cool.

 I love photographing Alice.

Recreate Alice's look with a little tartan skirt:

Joseph Glen Plaid skirt with slits or See by Chloe wool kilt skirt or Juicy Couture tartan wool skirt


  1. her "swagger" is effortless.

  2. Comment sublimé simplement l'imprimé écossais, J'aime


  3. Oh you are on a roll tonight - burberry check has just left its fashion crime past way behind it - faaabullous! x

  4. I like the different check patterns put together. What a neat look!

  5. Oh, how cute! Love her hair and the mis-matched prints.

  6. This outfit is really inspiring! The missmatch check with shoes and grey jumper...awesome.

  7. I love all your photos of Alice, whenever i see her outfits i always think of my favourite quote by Cecil Beaton 'The truly fashionable are beyond fashion' :)
    lots of love

  8. Thanks everyone! I am sure Alice will appreciate all your lovely comments if she finds this post.

    @fashion and frank - ooo I think I might have got my tartan mixed up with my plaid/check! Oh well. And yes, you are correct. She puts the London cool in Burberry check!

    @LCM- I know, isn't it gorgeous (her hair I mean!). Such beautiful baby blonde....and probably all natural (sigh)

    @Wild Flower - I love the skirt with those Nike sneakers. I think it would work with little high tops as well!

    @mrDavidPop - correct! The girl's got style :)

    @Style Astronaut - so true, @SA, so true. Effortless and keeping it real

  9. Hello, i am a french reader, what beautiful photos! And the girl has a pretty english style, very nice