Monday 16 April 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012...Alison

Model Alison Nix, after Diesel Black Gold, NYC, February 2012.

Love this colour block look on Alison (how cute is her short haircut? there is another photo I took of her backstage at Margaret Howell which shows it more clearly) especially her Carven sweater. I think she has styled it all brilliantly (note the crop pants + boots).

Recreate Alison's Look (kind of):

Acne Clover wrap strap boots or ASOS black Albi leather chelsea boot (these also come in a few colours with contrasting inserts - very fun).


  1. adorable color block!


  2. Me too - love her color block sweater. And, your staging here is brilliant!

  3. So diferent and simple! <3

  4. Stunning look! Love it

  5. adore. great look. i tried to buy the sweater at Barney's (on sale no less) but it had just sold out!

  6. Amazing look, so effortless!

  7. How i love this boyish attitude. Alison Nix is very cute and her haircut is very sexy. And you know the picture you have taken at Margaret Howell have been picked up in many many blogs

  8. Thanks everyone!

    @Lauren - ha ha! yeah, complete fluke about the background matching Alison's outfit ;)

    @LCM - oh no! I think they had the large size left yesterday when I looked :( That is a shame. Maybe you will find it on eBay or something or one of the high street stores will make one for next winter.....

    @jeaneg - exactly, she looks boyish and girly all at once. Ooo I didn't know that about the Margaret Howell backstage photo - how fun!