Tuesday 24 April 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Chiharu

Beautiful Japenese model Chiharu Okunugi, after Guy Laroche, Paris, February 2012.

Chiharu's outfit is perfect for the UK weather at the moment - we are still rugged up in sweaters, coats and tights. When I am out and about on the streets in London, the colours are still very sombre - lots of black, navy and charcoal. Adding a beautiful scarf for colour, and a pair of leather shorts for texture adds interest to a winter → spring transitional wardrobe.

Recreate Chiharu's look (kind of):

Theodora & Callum Majorca fringed scarf or Marc by Marc Jacobs Arrowhead scarf or Etro paisley print scarf or Pieces Nicole scarf

Dr Martens boots 


  1. What a beautiful girl and her outfit is exactly what I feel like wearing today (in cold rainy Melbourne), the scarf is gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful girl! Very, very nice!

  3. @Wild Flower - oh no, a rainy Anzac day isn't great especially for all the services. I hope the weather came good for you! It has rained ALL day here in London......

    @Mica - me too - it is a lovely, pretty pop of colour!

  4. so beautiful!


  5. Although my daughter is Chinese, when I look at this face I can't help thinking that this is a bit what she will look like when she's grown up...beautiful little beanpole that she is. Thanks for the "flash-forward" ;)