Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Chiharu

Beautiful Japenese model Chiharu Okunugi, after Guy Laroche, Paris, February 2012.

Chiharu's outfit is perfect for the UK weather at the moment - we are still rugged up in sweaters, coats and tights. When I am out and about on the streets in London, the colours are still very sombre - lots of black, navy and charcoal. Adding a beautiful scarf for colour, and a pair of leather shorts for texture adds interest to a winter → spring transitional wardrobe.

Recreate Chiharu's look (kind of):

Theodora & Callum Majorca fringed scarf or Marc by Marc Jacobs Arrowhead scarf or Etro paisley print scarf or Pieces Nicole scarf

Dr Martens boots 


  1. What a beautiful girl and her outfit is exactly what I feel like wearing today (in cold rainy Melbourne), the scarf is gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful girl! Very, very nice!

  3. @Wild Flower - oh no, a rainy Anzac day isn't great especially for all the services. I hope the weather came good for you! It has rained ALL day here in London......

    @Mica - me too - it is a lovely, pretty pop of colour!

  4. so beautiful!


  5. Although my daughter is Chinese, when I look at this face I can't help thinking that this is a bit what she will look like when she's grown up...beautiful little beanpole that she is. Thanks for the "flash-forward" ;)