Saturday 14 April 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012...Miu Miu Glitter High-Tops

Miu Miu glitter high-tops, after Louis Vuitton, Paris, March 2012.

I am a sucker for a glitter shoe. I still have my glitter Miu Miu ballet flats - the ones with the crystal jewel on the front - from 2005 and I still love them (gulp! That is almost 7 years ago). It doesn't matter to me whether they are in or out of fashion, I think they are fun and they make me happy when I wear them! Plus they leave a glitter trail wherever I walk which I find oddly amusing :) 

And I really love these Miu Miu glitter/studded high-tops - my friend Gia wore them during PFW (these are her shoes!) and Anne-Catherine has a pair as well.

Create your own glitter trail with these Miu Miu glitter leather high-tops or sneakers  or if you prefer a little less glitz, try these Ash Vibration Bis studded high-tops.


  1. Stunning! I love them

  2. I never care that things aren't from last season. If I like them, I like them. And man, do I love these sneakers...They're absolutely gorgeous!

    xo Joana

  3. I have one too. I got them during NYFW in February this year, not last season! I were them the whole time I was in Paris for fashion week too. here is the link to see it on my blog

  4. I have the Miu Miu flats too, but mine are the Mary Jane style ones. I was wearing them in London once and a stranger grabbed me a waltzed me down the street because he said my shoes made him want to dance. After that, I knew I would never throw them away even when they completely fall apart (they're holding together by a thread or two) x

  5. I want a pair of glitter shoes too!! haha such a highlight vanessa. great street snap :)


  6. Love everyone's glitter stories!

    @Mica - oooo if you do a DIY, let us know! I wonder how you would get all the glitter to stick well to a canvas shoe? Super-glue? Gosh, I could see myself ending up with glitter all over myself and none on the shoes itself.

    @Erica Kent - oooo Erica, that is such a lovely, fun story! I, of course, would have been mortified as I can't waltz to save myself (probably would have stepped on his foot with said Miu Miu's or something!) but I am sure you would have handled it beautifully! And yes, you must keep them even if they are no longer wearable. I think some of my best night's out have been in those shoes - great memories.

    @The Fashion Adroit - how fun!

    @Joana - me too. I just wear what I like! And I love my sparkly Miu Miu's.....although on one occasion the crystal stone came off the front of one of them. Luckily I managed to find it and glued it back on!

    @Cath - I rarely take detail shots (I much prefer taking photograph's of people) but I loved these trainers to much I just had to take a "portrait" of them!

  7. Lusting over these shoes. Absolutely love them.