Thursday, 5 April 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012....Natalie

Natalie Hartley, before A Show, Paris, March 2012.

These Rag & Bone pants are (one) of my favourites of the season - and Natalie rocked them in Paris. They have a serious leg-lengthening effect (clearly to do with the tuxedo stripe running down the side). And worn with a pair of platform heels? You've got Nadja Auermann in your sights. Err, sort of.

Recreate Natalie's Look (kind of):

Rag & Bone Dwight trousers or Derek Lam trousers with glossy black racing stripe (move aside Mark Webber, we're comin' at you!) or go a little wider for high summer with these M Missoni Colourblock wide leg pants.


  1. Those pants are so great :)

  2. Those trousers are awesome! And her sweater looks really comfy.

  3. Nadja Auermann?? thats a pair of trsrs for you! Happy Easter x

  4. @Jasmin and @Liza and @Collections - yep, they are. Even better in person - I don't think my photography captured them the best - I should have photographed her from the side. The benefit of hindsight ;)

    @fashion and frank - yeah, maybe Nadja is pushing it a bit! How amazing would it be to see her back on the catwalk again? There are a few models who l would love to see walk like Karen Mulder, Maggie Rizer, Tatjana....