Thursday 17 May 2012

London Fashion Week AW 2012...After Mulberry

After Mulberry, Claridge's Hotel, London, February 2012.

Some weekend hair and make-up inspiration for you courtesy of Karlina Caune, Nadine Ponce, Rose Smith, Sara Blomqvist and Monika Sawicka.                                                    

I think a version of these twists/plaits/braids would look pretty after a day at the beach (no need to blowdry!).


  1. This looks so pretty..

  2. I love braids... nice inspiration!

  3. @Karen, @Roula, @natalie, @Marcia - me too. I love how it almost has a hippie/Byron Bay vibe to it. It really says "I've had a day at the beach" to me! Okay, that sounds odd, hairstyles can't talk, but you know what I mean ;)

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I'm going to try that today!

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