Monday, 27 August 2012

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2012/13...Tamu

Tamu from All The Pretty Birds blog after Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris, July 2012. 

Okay, so I think you all know that I love anything in lace and this Valentino dress on Tamu is no exception. I love the shape, the fabric and the beautiful ivory colour. A dress to take you from day to evening and everywhere in between.

Recreate Tamu's look (kind of):

Red Valentino leopard flower and lace dress, Alice by Temperley Kitty lace dress, Lover Tennessee lace trimmed dress, Elkin Djuna dress or Magda Berliner vintage lace dress

K Jacques St Tropez sandals, Canfora of Capri Gail thong sandals or ASOS Finish leather sandals


  1. Tamu's dress is simply divine! It has such a lovely baroque, 17th-century-French-court air about it, whilst her sandals keep it simple and casual... Look at me gushing! I just love a good lace dress - and this is a great lace dress.

    Best Wishes,


  2. lovely!


  3. she looks incredible!


  4. amazing!!

  5. Tamu looks so pretty!
    That Valentino dress is absolutely stunning and she definitely does it justice :)
    I love the soft ivory color that compliments Tamu's skin tone so perfectly as well as the gorgeous lace details and elegant cut.
    The dress is really is perfect...and it looks even better paired with a simple pair of sandals and a cute bag.
    Such elegance and classy timelessness...

    Yet another image of yours Vanessa that has captured my heart and made me lust after something we both know I can't have :)

    The Ace of Hearts

  6. @everyone - so happy you like this dress on Tamu! I think she looks adorable. This Valentino collection was one of my favourites - I adored all the lace detailing/inserts.

    @Tara - I loved that she kept it all very simple with the little sandals- it would be tempting to go for something higher/more formal because of the fabric of the dress but the t-bar sandal was a perfect choice.

    @Alice - well, it isn't in my price bracket either! It is nice to just admire though :) And I agree, the ivory colour looks beautiful with Tamu's skin tone and cute little hair cut. I didn't even notice her bag! Arch - you have attention to detail Alice. I am always looking at faces and backgrounds - I sometimes (a lot of the time) miss details like that.

  7. She looks so pretty (Well, she always does, doesn't she?) in this Valentino dress. I love the way she dressed it down with the simple t-strap sandals for daytime.

  8. If only I could afford Valentino. Sigh...

  9. I'm totally in love with her Valentino dress!! Great photo by the way. This is my first post on your blog but I use to follow it. You're an amazing photographer. Just congrats :)