Thursday, 30 August 2012

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2012/13....Before Stephane Rolland

Before Stephane Rolland, Paris, July 2012.

Yesterday, when it was teaming with rain here in London, I saw 3 separate girls wearing army jackets/anoraks over dresses and thought they looked great. Inspired by their looks, I decided to post the photos of this girl and Jac (see post above) from couture in Paris....both wearing an army jacket in very different ways. If you don't already have one in your wardrobe, vintage/charity stores always seem to have a few in stock (there is one vintage shop in the Marais in Paris which always seems to have a couple available).

Recreate her look (kind of):

Paul & Joe Sister Spinner cotton-twill jacket, Topshop Army shirt jacket, Etoile Isabel Marant Alan jacket, Topshop khaki army jacket or Thakoon Addition Flower camo utility jacket (for those who want pretty + gritty)

Balenciaga bag, See by Chloe Bunny keychain, or  Gucci faux patent leather parrot keychain (he reminds me of one of the parrot characters out of Rio!)


  1. adorable ensemble!


  2. I've never told you how much I appreciate when you give some details for recreating the look. Such a nice touch that no other street style bloggers do... it's so helpful and appreciated!

  3. This is probably my favorite outfit that you've ever shared with us Vanessa!
    Everything is just put together so amazingly and this girl is absolutely gorgeous!
    Her hair is what i can only wish mine looked like and she seems kind of Anne Hathawayish :)

    This. Outfit. Is. Too. Amazing.
    The tropical print top, the delicate lacy skirt, those beat up white high tops, and that perfect army jacket.
    An outfit like this is what I would wear in my dreams.
    A hint of tomboy combined with sweetness, a touch of tropical getaway, and that oh so essential grungy masculinity. Add on an amazing hair day and some gorgeously elegant earrings and prepare to take over the world!
    In a sartorial sense of course :D

    Vanessa, I really cannot ever thank you enough for sharing these amazing photos.
    Every time you make a new post, I squeal with excitement (internally and externally!) and rush to see the loveliness.
    I know that my comments may seem excessive but I really just want to show you a little of my appreciation for your contribution to fashion and inspiration in my life!
    Like Ginger, I really appreciate how you give details for recreating a look.
    Additionally, I love that you take the time to reply to comments. That's seriously amazingly sweet of you since I'm sure you are an intensely busy person!
    So thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! <3

    I'm off to go put this picture up everywhere I can get my hands on!
    Have an amazing day!! :)


  4. @Ginger and @Alice - ahhh thank you - I am rather rubbish at blogging during the fashion weeks and so replying to comments (and blogging) takes a backseat....which is quite naughty, I know. So thank you both for your kind comments. It takes me an age to do the "recreate the look" bit of the post mainly because I try (although I don't always succeed!) to give different price brackets/different pieces and I also, um, sometimes get distracted looking on the different sites with all the pretty clothes ;) So I really appreciate that you both like it!

    @Alice - ahhhh I don't know this girl's name but I am sure she would appreciate your lovely comments if she ever saw this post! I thought she looked really sweet when I spotted her - and I am currently in love with army jackets worn with just about everything. I remember when Taylor Tomasi Hill wore one in Paris about 2 years ago and I thought it was simply gorgeous....I am glad they are having a revival! I think she said the top was from Topshop but I couldn't find it anywhere on the site...probably it has sold out by now anyway.
    Thank you both (and @monkeyshines) for your lovely, thoughtful comments - I very much appreciate them xx

  5. Hey, I'm the girl in these pictures :) thank you for your kind comment! I really appreciate it!

  6. @Giulia - hey Giulia, so glad you saw your photos!! Thanks so much for letting me take your photo back in July :))