Friday 31 August 2012

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2012/13....Elisa

Before Dior Couture, Paris, July 2012.

Edit: thank you @ The Styleograph for letting me know her name!

I think her name is Elise? My bad for not knowing as I photographed her twice in Paris during couture.


  1. I shot her as well!

    her name is Elisa


  2. Love her style! This is some serious Summer Inspiration for me.

    Embracing Style

  3. Elisa looks like a delicate little flower!
    So sweet and beautiful!

    I love that pretty pink color of her dress. It brings a smile to my face and makes me think back to all those wonderful childhood days spent as a little princess in my imagination.
    That and those little details on the dress are too cute!

    Elisa's green bag adds a lovely springy color to this look while her boots ground everything while also making things a little more mature and grown up.
    And as for her lipstick, that color is just perfect for her!

    Gorgeous girl and gorgeous look.
    Great inspiration for us all!

    The Ace of Hearts

  4. Manoush! Gorgeous.