Monday 24 September 2012

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012/13...Before Stella McCartney

Before Stella McCartney, Paris, March 2012.

It is lovely seeing all of the hair and make-up on the models after the shows but it is also nice to see how the looks translate to real life. Yesterday I posted photos of some of the models after the Rochas show with deep mulberry lips.....I found this photograph today and it reminded me of the berry/wine lip colour from the show. Note that she has kept all of her other make-up super bare (maybe a hint of mascara and neutral eyeshadow).


  1. i love her outfit!

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  2. the cut of her leather jacket is incredible. and i'm such a sucker for a gold moschino belt!


  3. @monkeyshines - sequins under a leather jacket? yes please!

    @A Sparkly Hanger - me too but I just love her deep lipstick

    @Far and wild - I wonder if it is a vintage Moschino belt? They have been around for such a long time!