Thursday, 11 October 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013....Ajak

Sudanese/Aussie model Ajak Deng (IMG) after A Show, NYC, September 2012.

Impossibly long legs and a gazillion-watt smile = Ajak :)

You can follow Ajak on twitter @AJAK_DENG


  1. Those legs!!
    If I were standing next to Ajak, her legs would probably be up to the height of my shoulders! Geez louise. That's definitely one pair of insanely loooooong legs!

    Ajak seems like she's a pretty cool person. Short hair, megawatt smile, and great taste in simple sandals? I like her already! :)


  2. @Alice - ha ha! I can confirm that that is definitely the case! I feel SO short standing next to Ajak! And yes, she is a really lovely girl: genuinely warm and sweet, and very funny....and she has great personal style!