Monday 8 October 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013...Martha

The gorgeous Martha Hunt (IMG), after Tory Burch, NYC, September 2012.

Martha is such a lovely girl (and incredibly beautiful of course!) who many of you will have seen in the Free People campaigns.  She did wonderfully well in Milan and Paris this season as well as in NYC - so, so happy for her!

And her plaits/braids? LOVED the undone hair and make-up at Tory Burch. Backstage photos coming soon.

You can follow Martha on twitter @iammarthahunt


  1. What a beautiful hair!!

  2. simply wonderful!


  3. she is the picture of fall perfection! seriously love those fishtail braids!


  4. Martha really is very gorgeous!
    Her eyes are such a bright piercing blue and her lips are little delicate rosebuds. Lovely lovely!

    The outfit that she's wearing is very fabulous as well. The color of her skater skirt is quite a mystery. Is it green? Is it gray? Is it green-gray with a hint of soft blue and a touch of dustiness? Well, I suppose we'll never know!
    Whatever the skirt's color may be, the skirt provides a very nice point for the rest of the outfit to focus around. Martha's simple white tee shirt and black holey short-sleeved sweater add on to the outfit started by the mysteriously fascinating skirt. The neutrals pair very nicely with the unidentifiably pretty color!
    Then, the scarf adds a nice touch along with those funky sandal/bootie things as well as that elegant white bag.
    All the black and gray in the outfit emphasizes the green all the more. So seriously, what color is that??

    On top of my obsession with Martha's skirt, I have this crazy love for her hair. The messy fishtail braids are just right, adding an element of youth and messiness to the outfit.
    A+ to Martha for looking fantastic!!


  5. Gosh gorgeous and i love the plaits and when i saw the top shot i thought the bottom would be skinnies - loving that skirt! xx

  6. What a stunning girl. Really want to learn how to fishtail plait, it looks beautiful

    It's a LDN Thing

  7. This is a really great fall look, I love the scarf!

  8. @Nyrha - it is beautiful isn't it! The hair and make-up at Tory Burch was so pretty (as always). I think I will post the behind the scenes photos on friday so show more of the hair.

    @monkeyshines - glad you like!

    @far and wild jewelry and @Millie - I saw a tutorial today in Grazia magazine about how to do a fishtail braid.....

    @fashion and frank - ha ha! Yes, the "model off duty uniform" of skinnies! Martha has a wonderful sense of personal style - everytime I have photographed her she has been wearing something fabulous. I love this little skater skirt - Tamu wore one as well in NYC in the same colour as Martha's with the sweatshirt that Glamour magazine had made up especially for her! p.s. did you have something made up in that printed fabric you got? Her skirt is definitely green - I think that the light I photographed in made it look a little grey-ish. It was so bright that day! I will try and post the photos from the behind the scenes on Friday so you can see more of the fishtail braids before the show. They really were so pretty!

    @Alice - ahhh, hope Martha sees your lovely comment Alice! I think she would appreciate it :))