Sunday 7 October 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013...Ruby

Miss Ruby Aldridge (Next) after Vera Wang, NYC, September 2012.

Love this photo of Ruby - she looks so happy! And that balloon is gold ;)


  1. she looks so effortlessly beautiful here, love to see her smiling! and she has tons to smile about considering she killed it this fashion month!


  2. Obsessed with her hair. The fly-away strands that should bother me look so perfectly messy.

  3. What a cool and casual look, I love the layered look!
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  4. @monkeyshines and @rae - totally Ruby-style!

    @Far and Wild jewelry - damn skippy! And looked incredible doing it :)

    @Emily - Agreed - I love hair that doesn't look too done.

  5. Cuteness overload!
    Ruby Aldridge is a doll. That's all that needs to be said :)
    Her hair looks so adorable in that messy, crazy fly-away kind of braided updo thing. Lots of adjectives and craziness there. Fabulous. Now if only I could master the art of looking this good with such wild hair!

    Somehow, the crazy hair seems to fit with the balloon though. The funny face, Ruby's gorgeous smile, everything is just so AHHHHH WHY MUST THIS PHOTO BE SO ADORABLE??
    Love Ruby and love her amazingness <3

    Oooh and another thing I love? YOU, Vanessa! And that adorable phrase you have. Damn skippy :D


  6. Your posts are always inspiring! Love going through them!
    Greetings from India

  7. Always love your shots of Ruby. This is no exception!