Saturday 6 October 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013...Susie

Miss Susie Lau in da' house yo!

Love this grown-up hip hop look on Susie: Chanel denim shorts and Balenciaga heels early on a Sunday morning before Victoria Beckham? dat how she roll yo :)

Recreate Susie's look (kind of):

Long denim shorts: Stella McCartney wide-leg denim shorts, Topshop shorts, Cut25 denim shorts or MiH Jeans manila culottes

House of Holland houndstooth cap

Balenciaga glove sandal

Clare Vivier blue pebble clutch


  1. fun brilliant styling!


  2. Being a regular reader of Susie's Style Bubble, as soon as I saw that you had shot her, I knew I had to have a look - and, of course, comment.
    Uber quirky, super slouchy, ridiculously retro and perfectly Susie - loving the look, Miss Lau!

    Best Wishes,


  3. I adore her, is unique and jazzy, elegant and she know how play with clothes!! she really enjoy it❤❤❤ It's adorable :)


  4. MARIO BROS !! :-/

  5. seriously love that tshirt. love how she effortlessly mixes high and low and buttoned up and down in these!


  6. Love that tee with the denim shorts - the perfect accompaniment to the graphic print on the tee!

  7. This girl always surprises me and brings a smile to my face. She's absolutely amazing. Beautiful photos as always, Vanessa!

    Sarah Mikaela

    Framboise Fashion

  8. Thanks everyone!
    @monkeyshines - I agree, it is brilliantly well put together.

    @Tara and @Raquel - this look is totally Susie all over! She just puts together things so well and doesn't look like a crazy person (like some people might!). I guess that is why it is called personal style :)

    @Anon - that is one way to look at it! I am in love with one of her skirts from PFW that looked like a Quality Sweets wrapper. Totally loved it.

    @far and wild jewelry and @Mica- any idea where the t-shirt is from?

    @Sarah = thank you! And yes, you can always rely on Susie to bring the quirky and the fun!

  9. Gosh I love her style!!!