Saturday 17 November 2012

London Fashion Week SS 2013....Backstage at Margaret Howell

Backstage at Margaret Howell, London, Sunday 16 September 2012.


  1. Your photographs astound me and leave me breathless at the same time. I've always wondered what film you use (the grain is simply stunning).


  2. @monkeyshines - thank you!

    @mary - really yummy :) I love how the Margaret Howell team always uses fresh, in-season produce.

    @nicole - thank you! I use whatever I can get my hands on :)

  3. so lovely to see herieth! hometown pride for ottawa canada!

  4. Beautiful!
    All of that food looks absolutely scrumptious...I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some of that jam :)
    I love the relaxed atmosphere of the photos--the models casually lounging, the delicious food just laid out, the clothes all hanging just so. There's a peaceful serenity that surrounds these images and makes them all the more pleasing to the eye. In spite of all you hear about the craziness and chaos backstage during shows, there's something so soothing about each of these photos. Every looks happy and healthy and beautiful surrounded by this lovely natural glow.
    What I wouldn't give to be there too!


  5. the photos here are absolutely divine. love MHC!

  6. Love Margaret Howell. So classic.

  7. @Joy and @Alexandra - one of my favs as well. Love that she has a slightly less expensive line as well now....

    @Alice - ahhh thanks Alice! Ha ha, yes, some jam and sourdough right now would be rather nice :)

  8. may i ask who is that lady in the floral shirt?