Thursday 8 November 2012

Paris Fashion Week SS 2013....Oxana

Oxana Ong, Fashion Editor Russian Glamour magazine, after Louis Vuitton, Paris, October 2012.

@Valentina - thanks for letting me know Oxana's name!


  1. WOWZA!!

    Even tho im bored of those Kenzo sweaters this one is off the hook...dress way all the way!!!

  2. Oh la la la! Associate maxi wool Kenzo jumper with color heels and a textured cap is a great idea. I can't stop loving the fashion editor style proposal during the fashion week!!! When I see this outfit, I do not want to make any intellectual effort to invent a new look for my next night out with my lover.

  3. @monkeyshines - I am in love with her hair!

    @Valentina - thanks so much for letting me know Oxana's name!

    @Elmo - I think it is fun to see different people's interpretations of a certain piece - and I didn't see anyone except Oxana wearing the jumper as a dress.

    @mariannepaul- ha ha! I think that is why they are fashion editor's and we are not?!

  4. Kind of like what they call a "hipster" look but it is absolutely gorgeous from my point of view. I love the sweater, it looks quite amazing and it really fits the whole look, actually IT IS the whole look. Thanks for the post!