Sunday 4 November 2012

Storm in a Teacup Vintage Store, London....Claudia

Claudia Raba, co-owner of Storm in a Teacup vintage store, Dalston, London, January 2012.

One frame from a little shoot I did earlier (much earlier!eep, how time flies!) this year with the beautiful Claudia who is a model with Models 1 and also owns a wonderful vintage shop called Storm in a Teacup on Kingsland Road with her boyfriend, Joe Miller. Joe, who is also a stylist and artist, and Claudia stock vintage treasures picked up on their travels - think vintage Vivienne Westwood, Maison Martin Margiela, Raf Simons, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries van Noten - as well as an edited selection of new pieces. You can read more about their store on Susie's blog (who writes a million times more eloquently than me).

If you are in London, go check out Claudia and Joe's store - apart from the gorgeous selection of vintage, they also have a fabulous sweetie counter with jars stacked full of old-fashioned lollies.

You can follow the store on twitter @StormTeacup366


  1. oh I love this outfit, that coat is gorgeous!

  2. Truly wonderful outfit! I pass through Dalston almost everyday, and I've never, ever seen "Storm in a Teacup". But, upon seeing Claudia's stunning outfit and reading your review, I know I really must check it out.

    Best Wishes,


  3. I think it's very London style and I love it! X

  4. beautiful photo !

  5. Im coming next week to London, even tho is a flash trip hope to get time to drop over...been following this store for a while now and im so interested in drop by ;)

    Will you be in London next week Vanessa??


  6. @Letizia - it is beautiful isn't it! Such a wonderful,rich Autumnal colour

    @Tara - Ahhh, it is between Dalston and Shoreditch but it is on Kingsland Road! You definitely must go and check it out when you are out and about!

    @thecitygourmand - thanks!

    @Yuka - correct! Very London-ish even though Claudia is German!

    @monkeyshines - It was bluddy cold that day!

    @Ieontine - thank you!

    @Elmo- You should definitely drop by the store (although check the opening hours as I think they are only open "by appointment" on Monday and Tuesdays. I am here for part of the week! When are you here exactly?

  7. Im coming the end of the week (15-19th), would be great to catch up :)

  8. @Elmo - let me get back to you. I am away for most of that time but may have to come back to help a friend move house!

  9. Beleive it or not I collect vintage inspired teacups and saucers I love them they are so sweet, I also love this post as I do all of your posts but seriously the pictures are beautiful,
    Much Love M x