Thursday, 27 December 2012

New York Fashion Week AW 2012....Daniela

Brazilian model Daniela Braga fter Lorena Sarbu, on a very cold and windy day in NYC, February 2012.

Recreate her look (kind of):

Trench coat:10 Crosby Derek Lam Herringbone trench, Aubin & Wills Colson cotton trench, Oasis jersey lined trench, AllSaints Vladimir coat, or Vince trench coat

Leggings: Splendid Modal leggings, Topshop ankle leggings, or David Lerner high waist leggings

Boots: AllSaints Low Hair Damisi boots


  1. is that daniela braga? Gorgeous look anyways

    1. I think you might be right! Hopefully somebody else will let us know as well....

  2. amazing jacket!


  3. Do my eyes deceive me?
    Or is that really a gal that looks like some sort of fabulous combination of Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima? I think it's the eyes and lips that do it...she's definitely absolutely stunning though!
    From what I can tell, it really does look like Daniela Braga. Unless my internet sources are wrong, she was in the Lorena Sarbu show in New York!

    Regardless of who she is, she is so gorgeous and is definitely sporting a lovely trench coat with some very cool layering underneath. I sure hope she was keeping warm in what seems like some super chilly weather!


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  5. @Alice -thanks for the confirmation it is indeed Daniela! And yes, totally agree, a combination of Miranda Kerr and Adriana (love those lips!). It was freaking cold that morning - so cold I didn't think that anyone was going to stop for a photograph! luckily Daniela did!

    @Anon - Hi Inge, Hopefully somebody will be along to help you with the name of the is really cute isn't it!

    @Iben - I know, right?!