Friday 22 February 2013

Paris Fashion Week SS 2013....Elena

Elena Perminova, before Hermes, Paris, October 2012.

Experiment with a pair of flared pants for the new season: either gently flared like Elena's or dramatic, bell-bottom style like in the post below.

Recreate Elena's look (kind of):

Kick flare pants: Alice + Olivia Stacey pant (in black) or pink, Stella McCartney Bedford crepe flared pants, Todd Lynn Cabral flared pants, Alexander McQueen flared pants, ASOS kick flare pants, or Topshop kickflare tailored trousers


  1. lena's rocking these printed pants. beyond love this shot of her

  2. i love that necklace. her outfits are always so wild, inspiring and fun.