Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Paris Fashion Week SS 2013....Hanneli

Hanneli Mustaparta, Tuileries, Paris, October 2012.

Oh. those boots. gorgeous. 

 Recreate Hanneli's look (kind of):

Flippy printed skirt: Camilla and Marc higher level skirt, Nicholas Rose circle skirt, Preen Line Spiniker pleated stretch skirt (more stripe than print!), Thakoon Addition floral print skirt, Topshop yellow floral pleat skirt, ASOS bird print skater skirt, Richard Chai Love flounce mini or Timo Weiland circle skirt.

In case you prefer a dress instead of a top and skirt combo, this cute Thakoon Addition cutout collar dress has the same feel as Hanneli's beautiful outfit.

Mulberry The Del Rey bag


  1. adorable!


  2. So great.

    Susan Sagone

  3. Your photography is just so cool man I adore it.
    As for this look, it's gorgeous! She looks stunning, love the hair, glasses and collar. x

  4. Love it!

  5. wow very good your street style i like it handbag and your shoes very Beautiful

  6. I adore boots, but have to admit those here are not really my type cause I'm a purist. Boots are never peep-toe for me, they have to be closed, it's a matter of taste I guess. But the white with that skirt... it's just super 60' chic. Every girl should try that look from time to time.
    Jana H

    thanks for this blog, it really inspires me!

  7. @monkeyshines, @Nyrha, @Susan and @Barefoot duchess - she always looks amazing doesn't she!

    @wildflower - thank you for your very kind vote of confidence in my photography :) Much needed after realising I have unexposed approx 70 % of my fashion month photographs. argh. trying not to panic! And yes, Hanneli looks so super cool!

    @Jana - Yes, I think these types of boots (and gladiator knee-high sandals which kind of have that boot feel) are very much a love or hate thing. I am not sure that you could wear these boots beyond one season either....but we shall see! Totally agree about the shirt and skirt!

  8. loveee these pictures! so glad to have found your blog.


  9. Lovely! x